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This is our October, 2005 editorial

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"Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword."

Jesus, quoted in New Testament, by Matthew, 10, 34: NIV Study Bible.

"Allah says, when you encounter those who deny Islam, strike [their] necks."

from the Koran, sura 47, verse 4

Readers, can you see SOM's knife in Jesus' words? Allah too! EOOO! Dialectic! Excluded-Middle.

But we have learned that Constantine of Rome had a lot to do with choices of MML (synoptic) plus J gospels. Countless other 'gospels' were rejected.

"We shall never affirm a thing is not."

Henri Louis Bergson, Creative Evolution, p. 291.

Doug paraphrases:

"We shall never affirm a thing is evil."

In other words, in quantum reality, negation is subjective. Aristotle's contradiction is simply bogus classic-intellectual scat.

"Yes, friend of Mitch, there is hatred in our world, borne of classical dialectic: SOM's knife!"

We are being maliciously misled, mistaught, misguided, misproselytized, and malevangelized,... n¤t just Muslims, n¤t just Christians, all of us...

Choose to leave SOM's box today, now.

Doug - 1Oct2005.

We feel, at this level of progress, that it is appropriate to show our readers all current (as of 1Oct2005) occurrences of 'SOM's knife' on our 'existing' Quantonics' web pages. This is, in our view, excellent stuff. If you want a short course in Quantonics this is it. Just read text surrounding occurrences of SOM's knife pointed to by these links. We bolded and colored them like this SOM's knife.

A metaphor of SOM's knife is Ockham's (Occam's) razor.

To do this more generally, and suggested by folks at MAC OS X Hints, use Google, like this:



"Might it not be true, perhaps, that [classical] reason, the supposed liberator of the human mind, is no more than the repository of ancient prejudices and habits of mind that have no general validity whatever?"

by Henry D. Aiken,
The Age of Ideology,
pp. 20-21, 1962 ed., Mentor
(paperback, total 283 pages).
(Our brackets.)

Quantum philosophy answers, "Yes."
Emphatically, "Yes!"

Doug - From our QELR of reason.

A message from Doug to d' Bush and Walker families(?).

"If money and social hegemony over individuals and "the infidels" is all that you are, you are but vainly hollow and empty."

Doug calls that "Christian fascism borne of SOM."

Indeed, now, in 2005 and for our last six Bush years, that is what we see and have seen.

Classical Aristotelian pond scum,


"Et in Arcadia ego." Quanton(Arcadia,ego).

"We are ihn Iht and Iht is ihn us."
A genuinely quantum included~middle.

Doug - 29Sep-1Oct2005.

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October, 2005 News:

On Tim Russert's 25Sep2005 Meet the Press...

We hope all of you were able to see this one hour show. If not, check to see if a transcript is available. This (second half of it with NYT correspondents) is close to being our favorite single hour of TV, ever!

Right wing Christian fascists denounce Maureen Dowd in vile terms. Check out their web sites and blogs.

(Why? Dowd discloses much essence of evils of conservative corruption and cronyism which we see in spades in GW Bushagain's administration, and in his reelection 'miracle.')

In our view she was fabulous on this show and she captured — in spoken prose, words, and memes — exegeses we have been struggling to find and use here.

Doug has spoken ill of The New York Times in past. If David Brooks, Maureen Dowd, and Tom Friedman

(Friedman believes in raising federal taxes, which we vociferously oppose; rather cut government pork and fat - get lean and mean and reduce our debts to China, however we need to completely replace Congress to accomplish this since it is currently staffed by career tenure politicians covering each others' Buridanian asses.)

reflect what NYT stands for today, Doug has to rescind his prior criticisms.

(though our criticisms surrounded NYT journalists' belittling of Matt Drudge; Drudge, in our view, has successfully altered NYT more than any other single individual, and we admire that, immensely)

And we do so gladly! J

Brooks actually gave a fair, though we felt undeserved, assessment of 'W.' Dowd is simply, in our view, brilliant! Friedman just rounded it out and smoothed rough edges.

Excellent, Mr. Russert, indeed, excellence!

On Katrina...

What did Katrina show us?

Bush really is a liar. Bush really is inept. Bush is political flatulence. Bush's administration really is incompetent. Homeland FEMA is political vapor, led by Bush appointed inepts.

(Our liar accusation is genuine. Bush has issued countless dialectical robo-zombi-automatisms like, "Arafat is no terrorist," "You are either for us or against us," "Social institutions are above individuals," etc.)

And on Russert's Meet the Press, we heard, "Bush was on vacation and aides did not have nerve to tell Bush to cut it short. Bush really has 'inverse ADD.' Bush is Clintonesque: "bored" and "Katrina was a learning curve." (Dowd, NYT) But Bush isn't bright enough to be "bored." Listen to him. Look at him. Lights are out. A mechanized, arm-banded, pseudo religionist.

After Doug heard this, he screamed at our telly, "Recall 'dat SOMe bitch."

Arnold, we have another job for you!!! George hasbin Aquinasbush is swimmin' in a 'storm surge' of Texas gravy... J

Every single individual in USA, except 'W,' understands nature can conjure WMDs which are real (hearsay: >20,000 atom bombs of multiday durational fury). Even our kids understand! How stupid does one have to be to declare Iraqi WMDs while ignoring nature's WMDs? Classical social patterns of 'value,' combined with classical intellectual 'certainty,' (i.e., 'W's' false confidence) inures laurels of incapability, borne of an tumescent dialectical intelligence quotient.

In our view, Katrina showed us that classical social patterns of value are inept, regardless of political persuasion.

Sadly, Friedman, on Meet the Press, showed us how classical social patterns of value respond to our incisit: "Raise taxes! Give us more money so Big Brother can take care of all you socially-dependent individuals, cradle to grave..."

For some time now we have been wanting to start a list of classical social patterns of value. Let's do it here and now and maintain it here:

Classical Social Patterns of Value:

  • democracy (a classical, dialectical dichon(majority, minority); to wit, which majority? which minority? begs quantum~stochastics, doesn't it? but is there such a meme as quantum democracy? what is a quantum~democracy? clue: see Mae-wan Ho)

    (Be aware that USA is not a 'democracy.' Nowhere in our US Constitution will you find that word 'democracy.' USA re Article IV of our Constitution declares us to be a 'republic.'

    (Why? Republic is a plurality of states, not a 'union' of states, a manyism vis-à-vis a monism. Democracy is a OSFA notion of 'union,' 'one,' classical notions of 'holism,' etc.

    (A pluralistic republic is more secure and more robust in its defense against all comers. A monistic democracy is less secure, especially against individual terrorism. Doug - 28Jan2007.)
  • War ('Leaders' of classical society use war as a means to accomplish many political ends, including:
    • To distract a public from covert political endeavor,
    • To distract a public from political malfeasance,
    • To project a OSFA notion of our nation upon other nations AKA imperialism,
    • etc.)

      Doug will extend this bullet item much during 2007. Doug - 2Feb2007

  • Consensus (government qua society; assumption: many cannot govern many, only a few can govern many; a slippery slope which leads as USA now can see clearly to dictatorship...Doug - 28Jan2007)
  • "Persistence cannot cope with failure." Agree! However, we must persist at adaptation, and relinquish all persistence of 'status quo.' Persistence without adaptation to local and global conditions which are changing by seconds — not by months and not by years — now demands rapid deployment and rapid adjustment. In a sense our new mantra, whether it be for war, whether it be 'global warming,' whether it be hurricanes, whether it be tsunamis...we must learn to HotMeme™ "Just A Just™" HotMeme™ . If any of us stands still, retains state, persists in a failing plan, we'll get run over! Vigilant awareness of endless both change and uncertainty is our most vivid quantum tell of all our operations, tactics, and strategies for adaptive success. Doug - 28Jan2007. [Grammatically Doug's "Just A Just™" of course is "Just AdJust," but that loses palindromicity and potential for quantum~stretching of hermeneutics.]
  • FUD — Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. Classical society wants you to stay in their cave. Anyone who leaves said cave is "acultural, incorrigible, treasonous, etc." How does society keep you in their cave? FUD! How does society take us to war? FUD! How does classical society keep us at war? FUD! Notice how global classical society in early Millennium III attempts to induce FUD re: humans as responsible for climate change and global warming. Notice classical society's approach in 'selling' its responsibility to fight nature's climate changes. It's identical to classical society's 'selling' a notion for war. Notice how classical society is always declaring war on something: another nation, terrorism, religion, nature, etc. But, Doug, why nature? Classical science teaches all of us that "nature is our enemy." Why, Doug? Well, classical science's 'laws' are routinely violated by nature. Instead of scientists viewing that as a tell that something is wrong with their 'laws,' they declare "something is wrong with nature." Any 'science' which declares "nature as its enemy," is simply inept, incompetent. And these are 'scientific' envirnomentalists who are declaring war on nature's own "climate change."

    But classical society is inept, right? We keep showing over and over that classical society is incompetent at understanding issues, planning responses to issues, and projecting responses to tragedies which occur. Classical society, especially USA, especially USA politicos, are inept at war.

    Observe also, classical society is adept at FUD, but only if we as individual citizens believe classical society's inept propaganda. Doug - 2Feb2007.
  • Society above Individual (essentially Monism above Pluralism; society, early in Millennium III, and for a long time prior, has shown itself incompetent in any sense of adaptation, )
  • Taxation
  • Community
  • Unionism (antithesis of productivity; hallmark of inefficiency; intentionally noncompetitive $ per unit of output; adheres a social notion that society protects individuals, but society is demonstrably inept at protecting individual rights; Quantonics' view is that individuals are those who must protect individual rights especially when it comes to employment; only an employee can represent he-r self in individual relationships with management. It's simple. If you do not like your job...leave and find a better job. Unions are inept at making decisions like that on an individual basis. Notice how unions and their 'members' try (often forcefully and maliciously) to prevent individuals managing their personal relationships with management. Union-thingk is a kind of forced 'catholicism.' Ughly! Doug - 14Sep2006.)
  • Dialectic Reason
  • Political Leadership (In USA, from 2000 thru 2007 , we have a political dictator, GW Bush 'ruling' our nation. He is inept. He is incompetent. He is a demonstrated failure. He is stupid and mindless, while pundits trumpet his 'intelligence.' GW Bush now plays a role of dictatorship. It is evident! Over 65% of US citizens (legal and otherwise) have rejected Bush's war policies. About half of US populace dislike(s) Bush viscerally. Yet, as a voting public, we nor our Houses of Congress, nor our Supreme Catholic Vatican Court has power to recall this piece of human debris and his Republikan't and neokan't totalitarian DIQheads. If USA ever needed an ammendment to its constitution, it is now. Make it possible to recall political leaders! Make it possible for loss of confidence by a 60% popular vote to recall any political official. Doug - 28Jan2007.)
  • Redistribution
  • Justice
  • Law: Generality as Specificity, Demos Will
  • Civic, Civil, Public, the People
  • Tribalism
  • Role Playing
  • Duty to Group over Duty to Self and Duty to Individual
  • Dialectic as Basis for Reason
  • Public Service as Socially Noble (Public Disregard for Individual View of igNobility)
  • etc.

We shall add to this list as more patterns obviate themselves on our quantum stages.

More Classical Social Patterns of Value - added 28Jan2007:

  • State (...means literally status quo is 'the' way to go..., it means 'stop,' 'hold still,' 'stay the (our) course,' 'stability as an icon of success,' and 'one social template for right versus wrong fits all. But reality isn't 'state.' Reality is change. Have you noticed how GW Bush cannot change his 'policy.' He's stuck! He's literally a statist. Inability to adapt leads to extinction: Darwin. It's an apparent fact of life and reality. If your competition changes strategy and you don't, they will kick your ass. GW Bush's USA is getting its ass whipped. We have Republikan't, neokan't, evangelical, dictatorial totalitarian statists, stux-suxists, running our nation and our military. USA loses! Terrorism wins! Sad...

    (We need to change our moniker: from United States of America to Plural Republic of Quantum Adaptation. 28Jan2007 - Doug.)
  • Nation
  • Boundaries, national perimeter
  • Culture - social monolithicity - one (our) size fits all

More Classical Social Patterns of Value - Added 6Feb2008:

Doug - 29Sep2005.

Rev - 14Sep2006 - Unionism - PDR.

Rev - 28Jan2007-2Feb2007 - See updates with that time stamp. As always, these are Doug's opinions, they are n¤t the opinions.

USA has been raising taxes and raising taxes and raising taxes since Federal taxes were made legal and mandatory in 1934 ("we should never need more than one percent of personal and corporate income..."). More political lying: lieberals and conservatives, both sharing classical social patterns of 'value.'

But let's do a boundary condition check. Let's give government ALL of our money! Will they, qua their classical social patterns of 'value,' be more capable of "taking care of us?" No! Rather, our experience with classical social government will then radically decline into absolute chaos! Think about it!

Classical social systems are intrinsically corrupt. They will do whatever it takes to survive, but that is notably in direct conflict with all of us individuals surviving as individuals. Evict social-monistic consensus! Shelter many individuals' ensembles of probability!

Example? Look at what classical unions do to individually-run and -operated business? Destroy them! Why? A union believes that it is better, as a social pattern of 'value,' if it takes five people to do a job that was pre-union done with a single person. Doug worked for large union organizations while attending college. Union people are individually irresponsible "on-the-job" card players, sleepers, time-killing wastrels. Doug knows. He saw it. He despised these social icons of classical 'social patterns of value.' Similarly, NEA has literally destroyed US public education. (In Indiana teachers also have state and city unions! Ugh!) Again, classical social 'union' patterns of 'value' protecting teachers from administrators who need to cull inept and misbehaving 'teachers.' (Doug has several stories to tell here.)

Can't you assess similarities twixt and among unions and union-nonworkers vis-à-vis US government in New Orleans and incapacitated New Orleans citizens? Dowd, as we recall, on Russert's Meet the Press called it something like, "a split screen view." Yes! Yes! Yes!

In our view, each individual has to plan for events like Katrina, while keeping government at bay.

  1. Unless you can afford consequences of an act of God, minimize your exposure to it:
    1. Do not build on flood plains
    2. Do not build too close to large bodies of water
    3. Do not build in valleys below hydroelectric dams
    4. Do not build in tornado alleys
    5. Do not build in volcano zones (Near Three Sisters Oregon a fourth Sister is about to erupt; watch out middle west coast of Oregon; in layers of sand about 10k years old there is a layer of rusting iron all along mid west coast Oregon - walk beaches in Florence, Yachats, Waldport, Newport, Depoe Bay, etc.)
    6. Do not build below sea level (if you do, make sure whatever you build can float; rebuilding New Orleans without filling da tub is nonsense; watch PBS film on 1927 Mississippi flood - social patterns of 'value' hurt blacks enormously then; do not do what society says, do what your individual instincts and intuitions tell you to do!)
    7. Build properties which can survive worse case scenarios (not always possible)
    8. Have backups and contingencies for all survival-crucial commodities (food, water, sanitaries, etc.)
    9. Have constant awareness of potential danger and act early (even if you guess wrong) to adapt and possibly escape

      Nearly all of us saw how Bush was unthinkingly running on CTM-automatic. He didn't even have his own real time awareness of how serious Katrina was. Notice how all of his "planning" was just a lot of politically hot air.

      Notice how QTMs, if practiced, would have saved much suffering and loss of life.

    10. etc.

"But Doug, that means we can't build anywhere!" Pretty close to a correct assessment. So develop personal, individual adaptation, escape, planning, etc. skills. Learn how to live virtually with limited baggage. Keep moving. Learn back roads. Don't pause, land in bottlenecks.

Beware classical society! We assure you, it will let you down. (Example on a small scale: nursing home owners leaving elderly patients to manage on their own; cruise ship captains and staff leaving passengers on a burning ship to fend for themselves. Social leaders will act like individuals in any major crisis! Lesson? You may as well prepare yourself to act on your own behalf in any crisis.)

Now why should we be stupid enough to believe anyone who says we should hand over more of our individual resources to increase classical societal '(in)capabilities?' Let's take US government off of its own classical social welfare program: Individual income taxes!

When should we be willing to finance bigger government? When government can show us that it is capable of doing what it claims.

Is USA government successful at war? Viet Nam, Iraq? Was that money well spent? Wasted?

Has USA government demonstrated success in running a welfare state? Prisons? Law? Maximizing individual freedoms? Do USA's public schools work? Social security (our trust funds were spent on non social-security projects)?

We simply cannot trust government whose bases of judgment lie in classical social patterns of value! Government will always ask for money, spend it, and ask for more. We call it, "Government of the government, by the government, for the government." Actually, nowadays, government (excepting perhaps New Hampshire) doesn't even ask anymore - it just takes! Politicians, unions, governments, all classical social patterns of 'value' will just take and take and take and take...

"Doug, what can we trust?" Individual patterns of value. Our list finds mutual respect near its top. Industry, i.e., individual work ethic too. If Doug had joined unions throughout his career, he would have less today than he has, including self-respect. Unions are evil, period. In place of unions, individuals must learn to respect themselves as individuals and negotiate their own work contracts with people who need their services. If you are not smart enough to do that, your first individual work effort is to "get smart." Public schools are supposed to help you with that, but those teachers are almost all union members. They do not want you to be smart! They want you to be good, obedient, subservient union members like them! Liberal socialist teachers adhere unionomental social 'values,' and ignore individual Values.

Classical social 'government' hates what we just wrote. Why? Diverse, rather omniverse, individual Values are ungovernable: QIG.

All of us, acting first on our own local individual Values, and second on mutually respectful Values, can emerse quantum~social patterns of Value

which are better for all individuals, and in our view, capable of reacting quickly to 'acts of God.' Why is that better? Whatings happenings nextings are y~our choosings, not some government-union organizations'. To understand that graphic more fully see our ensemble attractors, our May, 2005 TQS News, and our 2003-2004 Chautauqua.

Would you trust anyone who wants to give you something for nothing?

Then why would you trust anyone who wants to take your hard-earned resources and use them, for their social and individual benefit, without working for it?

Some lieberal socialists actually believe that anyone who doesn't have what they need can simply take it without being corrupt. Do you agree? If you do, in our opinion, you are guaranteeing your own and your ilks' extinction.

Just keep reminding yourself: "There is no 'the people.'" and "Society can't think." (See 'National Character Does Not Reflect Mean Personality Trait Levels in 49 Cultures,' Science, Vol 310, 7Oct2005, Reports, p. 96.)

We're receiving some 'hits' on that last parenthetical. There is a lot to say here relevant an extreme classical approach used in that report. Lot's of scalarbation! Assumptions that traits are classically assessable, objectively. Of course, in Quantonics, we adhere QTMs that stochastic interrelationships are vastly more "telling" than objective CTM traits.

Our main interest in offering that reference is said report's last sentence:

"Although social scientists have long been skeptical about the accuracy of national stereotypes, the present study offers the best evidence to date that in-group perceptions of national character may be informative about the culture, but they are not descriptive of the people themselves."

Doug - 8Nov2005.

Instead of paying income taxes, buy more individual insurance, but remember: "Insurance companies are social patterns of value."

Don't allow government to decide who rebuilds your property. Find a way to use local, non union, contractors. You may have to wait to make this happen, but waiting is better than allowing government to rebuild with people who could care less about your quality of life and quality of living.

If government were competent, would Mississippi dikes keep repeatedly failing? If you believe in classical determinism, and examine historical data, how can you trust government to prevent dikes failing again? (They SHALL fail again! And worry that huge dams built by government Shall fail too, and massively.)

512 politicians running USA as a classical 'social pattern of value' is an absurdity on its face, isn't it? Think about it! What would you do at home if you had 512 'adults' running your family operations? Politicians do not quantum cohere. They classically decohere. What has Bush accomplished so far? He tipped US' rary past balance.

We suggest, as we have often before, electing a whole new house of representatives and senate. Do not elect attorneys! Do not elect career politicians! Do not elect people who see terms in government as career tenure positions. Invoke two term max limits.

Our current USA government is simply and provocatively incompetent. They operate government of the government by the government for the government. It's time to take our great nation back from these inepts! We must do so as individuals who want coherent individual freedom for every individual in our great USA.

On Dialectical Christianity and its anti-quantum manifestations...

We have to say this, and it isn't pleasant. We have pondered well whether we need to say it. We have hinted at we just need to say it.

If you are a Catholic or any other kind of Thomist dialectical have been, and are being had. You've been had intellectually, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually! (And weren't your intuitions and instincts telling you this nearly for as long as you can remember?)

How? Why? Our Quantonics answer is that dialectical Christianity issi n¤t quantum. For us, in Quantonics, that is sufficient to refute all epistemology borne of and on dialectic, let alone relatively insignificant Catholicism and its dialectical spawn.

If that were our only reason for this unpleasantness, we would not have issued such. However...

( coming months we will show you our what, how and why. We believe we have successfully desnouered several Priori de Sion symbols and anagrams which appear in...)

...we are reading and believing Holy Blood Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln. They also say, in HBHG, you've been had: they say it in a more conventional way and their discoveries encode esoterica and esegetica (i.e., clear text unpublished Priori de Sion 'secrets;' you will be amazed, as are we) which we can rather easily decrypt using Quantonics and our prescient and incipient coquecigrues. For example:

"Yikes! Doug, what be that?"

Congratulations! Your grammar appears appropriately post medieval. J

We scanned a copy of a Plantard Family Crest, Figure 8, p. 192, from Baigent, Leigh, & Lincoln's Holy Blood Holy Grail, paperback edition, January 2004, Delta Nonfiction.

"Why are you showing us this, Doug?" (To share a tiny portion of one of Doug's best days ever: decrypting that family crest's mind-blowing semantics!)

First, see our recent September, 2005 remarks under Quantonics Breakthroughs on Metaphors of Pirsig's Dynamic Quality (DQ).

Second, is explained in our just-added blue text there.

Third, if you haven't read BLL's book, we cannot overemphasize that you should.


If we are correct, Western religion is about to be shaken both at and to its foundations.

HBHG disclose a key ponderable at bottom of page 184 and top of p. 185. However, they did not explain detail references and corresponding thoughts which lead to that ponderable as a conclusion (you and we can make some credible inferences from other memes expressed throughout HBHG, though, e.g., actions by second 'Pope' John XXIII). Probable (alternate) answers (which we found: more than a dozen) about that ponderable are in above crest. We decoded—our own versions of—said crest's encrypta! Read remarks on allegory in text block below. See January, 2004 HBHG paperback reprint ed.

Now put that in light of 911, subsequent massive government failures, and US' government in full process of being shaken at and to its foundations.

Baigent, Leigh, & Lincoln quote "Prieuré documents," thus:

"Allegorical works have this advantage, that a single word suffices to illumine connections which the multitude cannot grasp. Such works are available to everyone, but their significance addresses itself to an elite. Above and beyond the masses, sender and receiver understand each other. The inexplicable success of certain works derives from this quality of allegory, which constitutes not a mere fashion, but a form of esoteric communications."

Examples of said illumination are 'Jesus' and 'Hormus' which mean light. Compare Hormus and Ormus (latter is a name used temporarily by Priori de Sion).

Quantonics' efforts have prepared its practitioners for achieving what Prieuré documents refer as 'elite.'

We are quantum~comfident we have desnouered above Crest's esoterica. Now, can you?


Look at Da Vinci's Last Supper. Notice red-headed female sitting to Jesus' right. Notice big 'V' between them. Notice disembodied hand with knife. SOM's knife? A classical scission? (Brown covers this well... and like you, we are amazed!)

Nearly all of what we have taught so far, and then more recently in 2005, applies to grasping what that Crest 'says' to 'elites.' In addition, due Beth's cogent urgings, we read Dan Brown's Demons and Angels and his Da Vinci Code. Plus Debbi, nearby, lent us her Rule of Four, and Beth had purchased Holy Blood Holy Grail more than a year ago. You need at least those books also to get anywhere near where Dougings' Quantum Stagings are k~now~ings. Doug also has advantage of recent studies in Gershom Scholem's Kabbalah.

We are unsure, at this stage of development, where this leads. Priori de Sion has kept this secret for nearly 2000 years. If it is disclosed, it will rend Western religion to mystic lard. We sense Western religion, and most world religions which find their bases in dialectic, have like USA tipped their raries way past ESS balance. And in a way, for us personally, it is an extreme cap feather for Quantonics. There is already too much change in Earth early this Millennium III!


Our plan is to, in 3-4 months offer our readers Plantard's Family Crest with Quantonic augmentation. Those of you who keep up, we believe, may be able to see what we believe we see.

Regardless, this is our greatest breakthrough, self~assessed ¤r n¤t!

Doug - 1Oct2005.

See you here again in early November, 2005!





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