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This is our August, 2007 editorial

Our editorials are often provocative; if we offend you, do not read them - Doug.

These editorials are Doug's opinions, n¤t the opinions.

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Does real science:

• Attempt to discover its own frailties?
• Attempt to ignore its own frailties?

Doug - 6Jul2007.

Do you think and believe and have faith that language is unambiguous?

I know, I know, we've talked about this before.

Would you believe that most people have been taught and trained and tautologously acculturated that language is precise and definite.

One of you just told us that.

In our local case of English, said language tries to be unambiguous per se. It uses formal predicate structure and syntax. Its words are mostly objective. But English is still and yet ambiguous. Haven't you noticed how people almost always hear something other than what you intended to say?

Oh, but Doug, that isn't language...that's interpretation...that's hermeneutics...all interpretation is subjective almost implicitly...unless a machine is doing said interpretation!

We agree!

But have you heard of heteronyms?

Have you heard of homonyms?

Have you heard of pseudonyms?

Have you heard of synonyms?

Have you heard of overloading of semantic and syntax?

Have you heard of polymorphic linguisms and evolute linguisms?

Can you imagine person you are speaking with has say, only a 5000 word vocabulary, perhaps even less...? What are they doing with words you use which are outside their vocabulary?

Is person really listening?

Perhaps worse, do you know what you are saying?

Humans aren't, as some 'scientists' would have it, machines! We are quantum beings! In spades we are quantum beings.

Our thinking is quantum~holographic, quantum~everywhere~associative, quantum~everywhere~included~middle.

You need evidence?

N¤ two doctors, with probability of one absolute certainty, will give you 'identical' 'di'agnoses.

N¤ two juries, with probability one absolute certainty, will come to 'identical' conclusions.

Your interpretation of a poem won't be identical two days in a row.

Your choice of words to write in an email, perhaps an instant message, is always changing. Imagine how you would be treated if all your words and sentences were ideally, classically formal and mechanical. You would lose all your friends. No one would want to communicate with you.


People do n¤t like, do n¤t enjoy communicating with machines!

Ambiguity of language is part of what makes humanity and reality rich and multifibrous and Valuable!

Ambiguity of communications adds security to one's communications, too.

If you're talking with a machine, ditch your ambiguity...or at least try to...if you are talking with a human and you need precision...ask said human to role-play what they heard you say...have them walk through their approach, prototype their approach, for your review prior taking action.

Even in that latter case, you will not achieve, precisely, what you thought you were asking for. You could do it yourself though...but then you lose all that ambiguous leverage you thought you had...

But how can we avoid issues of ambiguity best?

N¤n issues of ambiguity evaporate when we simply admit that reality is quantum, subjective,..., ambiguous.

Change your thingking from using CTMs to think~king using QTMs.

Doug - 31Jul2007.

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August, 2007 News:

A Problem of Interest with FireFox...

Every Monday morning Doug works on site stats.

It's a fun process since one has an opportunity to vicariously observe site activity for previous week. Trouble is, a week's worth of hits is a huge amount of data. In Quantonics' case, our site activity is relatively low...not many folk really enamoured of philosophy, let alone quantum~philosophy. Still, we have thousands and thousands and thousands of hits, 10s of thousands of hits...every week.

Doug has our system set up on a router, and said router has hubs and hubs permit a network which spreads across our whole local domain. Our Quantonics net accesses www and our ISP via a cable modem which connects to our Quantonics router. We download our stats Monday morning over cable net and it is quick. We do that on our old Titanium laptop which is on our Quantonics LAN. Our Quantonics data reduction is now done on a G5 quad, so we CotVNC from G5 to Titanium and once download is local we save it from Titanium to G5 right out of our email and browser app's.

File of interest here is our weekly access log, which has 10s of thousands of lines.

Doug works on G5 with two 20" 1650x1080 displays side-by-side. That allows him to (on unmirrored displays) to stretch his FireFox browser across both displays. That allows most of an access log's long lines to appear on a single line stretching across both displays. It is much easier to read like that.

After 10 years of doing this Doug has gradually improved his technique. Please be aware that this is only one of many processes Doug uses (spread sheets, text edit files, Unix filtering, etc.) to contextually view a week of hits. Another example is that Doug cats all weekly files into yearly files. So if Doug wants to look at a pattern over one or many years he can do that quite simply, say like this, m2u <2007_Access_Logs.txt | grep 'pattern' | less. It's that easy!

What Doug is about to describe can be done that way and converted (single alias command does this) to Open spreadsheet format. But Doug wants to describe a problem he found with FireFox.

It's this: when Doug opens a week's stats in FireFox he likes to be able to just type a word and have browser immediately start searching for said pattern. (Set your browser preferences to enable this feature. It is very powerful and very productive.) After first entry, you may do a command-G to repeat it. Alternatively, you may type command-F to start your search, enter your pattern and use your mouse to click on a 'next' button.

Here's said problem: each subsequent search on a same pattern grows apparently geometrically slower. For example, Doug likes to enter 'search?' as his access log search pattern and find all lines with that pattern.

Degradation of search speed may be reset by simply retyping said pattern. But that is inconvenient, thus non productive.

Clearly something in FireFox's search method is persisting as an incremental latency each loop.

Doug used to write software, and to Doug this is an abomination. Search loop speed should be constant and latencies should be threaded and queued if necessary.

This is an example of how coders and designers are ignoring utility and API quality experience.

For people who are repeatedly changing patterns and not repeating searches on a give pattern, this is no problem, but for Doug's special case it is an irritant. I'll bet it's almost trivial to fix, also. J

Doug - 31Jul2007.

On A Letter from Rick...

Classical thing-king tells and shows us that negation is objective: thing minus thing equals zero, at least logically. But when we get real and ask when and where is you minus you zero, our mind~bodies commence a novel quantum position~momentum~ambiguity Chautauqua.

In classical physics if you have two identical in-phase waveforms their 'di'fference is zero. Is that right? N¤! This formal operation is physically irreversible since zero is 'empty,' by "'precise' [certain] 'di'alectical 'definition,' [ideal absence of ambiguity]," a 'null set.'

In quantum~physia two 'identical' and 'perfectly' out of phase waveforms may tentatively cancel. Two lights may tentatively become dark. It's called quantum~interference. But is quantum~cancellation a 'null set?' Nope! Said darkness' presence can only be maintained as long as those two waveforms are 'perfectly out of phase.' Both positive energies are still there. Both lights will return when phase shifts. We have a kind of quantum~reversibility which is 'logically' 'lost' in classical mechanics' formal mandates AKA 'laws.' Latter quantum~memeo is real. Former mechanical 'null set' notion is bogus dialectic. It is how 'science' separates fact from Value. It is how 'science' makes sure y-our focus is a kind of a posteriori running on automatic retroreverence of "accreted know-ledges from science's past."

On this topic we received an interesting, brief dialogue from Rick.

July 5, 2007 06:03 From Rick to Doug

Hi Doug,

Just began reading your July page and your . . .

"Darkness in one's soul is merely self~interference."

Reminds me of a metaphor I have heard . . .

You and I are familiar with a "light" switch through which current flows through a lamp (on) or is "self-interfered" (off).

Then where is that comparable "dark" switch? I have yet to see one and have yet to experience a dark which proactively spreads its inky blackness.

And where, too, is that Devil? And that "evil"?

Enjoying your writing,


July 5, 2007 11:27 From Doug to Rick and Maria

Rick and Maria,

Thank you for this bright spot!

Doug's fav cartoon is Rose is Rose. Little one, Pasquale, is a 4-5 year-old philosopher who asks Mom, "Please turn d' dark switch off!"

If 'darkness' is lightnessings some timings cancelings each otherings outings, then dark issi light's c¤mplæmænt and vice versa.

One might then comjecture God and heaven are a kind of darkness (absence, perhaps partial absence) of lightness. Thence, there is no Devil, there is no evil.

Doug's 'nos' are subjective.

From Quantonics' QELR of 'negate:' "According to Sankara's (~700-~750; Indian philosopher) nondualism, '...reality is that which is absent negation...' "

Elaine Pagels' Origins of Satan she implies, to Doug's sensibilities, that Satan is borne on and of dialectical negation. Quantum darkness borne of quantum light is positive superposition of light and itself. In Doug's Quantonics... n¤nactuality issi superpositive 'cancellation' of all quantum actual flux.

Best and kindest regards, Rick,

PS - We request permission to use your latest email in next month's [August, 2007] TQS News. We understand wholly and take n¤ umbrage if you choose to demur...

July 5, 11:41 From Rick to Doug

Permission granted.

And . . . as I started to read to Maria your response, our kitchen table lamp (which had fallen earlier) came on. Such fun.

Greetings from us to you and Beth


Value is everywhere, if only we could open our eyes and unleash our full spectrum of our individual sensibilities...

Doug - 6Jul2007.



Thank you for reading,

Doug - 1Aug2007.

See you here again in early September, 2007!




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