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This is our September, 2007 editorial

Our editorials are often provocative; if we offend you, do not read them - Doug.

These editorials are Doug's opinions, n¤t the opinions.

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Poets, lyricists, writers, playwrights, artists, masons, sculptors, builders, laureates, muse~icians, philosophers,..., write, play, and pragma dialectically, objectively of "...the ties that bind..."

Quantum reality tries to show us, however, that we are animate Jungian quantons(animus,anima), everywhere~included~middle evolving, adapting, mutating and hermaphroditic~holographic quantum flux interrelationshipings which emerq all creation as hologramic.

We are, all of iht, and all of uhs: quantons.

We are "...the quantons which interrelate!"

Doug - 16Aug2007.

are quantons(n¤nactuality,actuality)

We are, gnostically, i.e., 1(2,3)


Wæ are quantons(

1( 2,3 ).

As you may choose to grasp, wæ are y~¤ur interrelationshipings, really. Start now. Fathom how each of us is y~¤ur interrelationshipings with all reality.



Classical dialectical society and OSFA monist, socially consensual culture forces us and programs us to be dichons(other, us). Classical society puts SOM's wall twixt us and other! Heraclitus: "Dialectic is war!" Classical Roman inane demiurge anti-Christ, "I bring not peace but a sword. I have come to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law, a man's enemies will be the members of his own household..." The dialectical anti-Christ goes on to say, paraphrased, "...anyone who does not hate is unworthy of (me) the anti-Christ." Matthew 10:34.

This is n¤t quantum~gn¤sis, folks! Essene Jesus would n¤t have said those words. This is dialectical hate! Roman Ç a t h o l i ç s engineered a social anti-Christ. You can read it for yourself, in Matthew, first of demiurge's three synoptic malspels.

You will not find those anti-Christ words in John. John, as described in Elaine Pagels' The Johannine Gospel in Gnostic Exegesis, (TJGiGE) was a gnostic.

Elaine Pagels writes about this thusly, "Gnostic teachers attempt to formulate Christian theology in terms they consider more theologically significant than through the approach to the 'earthly Jesus' [AKA demiurge dialectically interpreted by anti gnostics in red text above] whose presence dominates the synoptics." Page 14, The Johannine Gospel in Gnostic Exegesis, SBL Monograph Series, 1989. Doug's brackets.

Pagels' use here of 'earthly Jesus' clearly refers the Father's AKA the demiurge's hylic Jesus, the anti-Christ.

See our TJGiGE Introduction and Chapter 1 review links in TQS News body below. Doug justifies his Matthew remarks in those two draft review segments.

Doug - 16-31Aug2007.

Ever notice slope of Al Gore's 'global warming?' It is forever positive, right? Politically, to GaBore, there is 'no' cooling insight, in sight.

If he knows that, then he is omniscient, right? Ask Al GaBore, "Since you know about global warming, please tell us when global cooling will start." If GaBore can 'predict' warming, so too he can 'predict' cooling, right? It's just as easy and trivial, so trivial a politician can do it, to 'predict' warming as it is to 'predict' cooling, right?

If we least squares fit mean temperatures from 1970 to 2000 what do we get? A positive slope.

If we take a sequence of data, curve fit it, then extrapolate that sequence, what have we done? We have done what Al GaBore did: extrapolated a sequence! What is that called? "Classical induction!" What do we know about classical induction as a methodic 'tool' of thought? It is bogus, it is intellectual garbage. Why? All data are ephemeral and changing absolutely, however slowly, however rapidly. Why? Reality is quantum~flux chaotic. Why? Quantum reality is ensembles of asynchronous, absolute flux quanta, each in its own absolutely uncertain change, adaptive~evolutionary processings.

N¤ change is certain, and n¤ change can have a forever and relentless positive slope. Climate change is just like any stock market: long-term unpredictable.

That is quantum chaos science folks,..., it is 'not' Al GaBore inane political Bu()sh().

GaBore, like McDisdain, is so stupid and scientifically illiterate he appears incapable of omnistinguishing formal objective prediction and qualitative~subjective forecasting. We can short~term qualitatively forecast global warming but we have n¤ valid means of dialectically predicting it either 'yes' (we will only have warming for an indefinite future) or 'no' (will only have cooling for an indefinite future)! Thinkq about it...

If GaBore were scientifically literate and adhered classical scientific views of what is true, he would find that it only takes one contradiction, classically, to invalidate any hypothesis. GaBore's hypothesis has been contradicted countless times. But as a politician he uses political pseudo science as a crutch and tosses it, conveniently, when it disagrees with him. Idiot!

When politicians do science, society harvests intellectual garbage.

Just like when politicians do war, society reaps social garbage.

Politics in, garbage out.

Doug - 6Aug2007.

Some people think quantity is quality.

Examples? More quantity and material is better. More what? Money, IQ, house, food, drink, automobile, yacht, plane, clothes, celebrity, objectivity (e.g.. MBO), and so on.

When we net essence of that caliber of folk, we can distill a phrase: material, intellectual objectivists. MIOs.

Ayn Rand called them "objectivists" who believe in "objectivism."

If you study objectivism you will find that MIOs believe that quantity is quality.

Is all quantity quality?

We cann¤t answer that without first describing what we intend by quality. Will you agree with that?

So then what is quality?

Robert M. Pirsig asked that question prior 1974. He published a book about Quality, titled Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance in 1974. It still sells like hotcakes!

ZMM concluded with this, paraphrased, and intratext nonlinearly parachronized: "Quality is undefinable, since when you define Quality it loses its Quality."

"So what irony have we here?" said thine own Muse, Juno, and Genius.

Quantity is definable.

Quality issi n¤t definable.


Essence, quintessence of Hume's Law: "There is no bridge twixt fact [quantity] and Value [Quality]."

Context 1: quantity is objective. Classical reality!
Hume's Law as SOM's wall
Comtext 2: Quality issi subjective. Quantum reality!

We have two realities! But that state-ment is dialectical. It classically forces us to choose one reality or the other reality.

That is what dialectic does: either-or! And either and or are the-specific!

Dichon(Either_Context, Or_Comtext).

Quantum says and teaches you to believe both~and. Even better, quantum says both~all~while~and~many! Quantum begs animate pluralities!


What did Doug just d¤?

Biggest memeo here is that Doug took classicism's context which turns h-bar off and emerqed it into c¤ntæxt with h-bar on.

Doug turned last month's light switch off (dark switch on) into this month's lightings switchings onings (dark switch off).

Classical looks like dichon(SQ, ESQ). ESQ is h-bar always off! Concrete!

Quantum looks like quanton(DQ,SQ). ESQ is gone! SQ is now wavic, stochastic, and quantum~subjective. Classical absolute-state-ic quantity becomes quantum~qualitative~quantihty. We gave classical quantity which is basically 'dead,' we gave it vibrant~fluxing~evolving life by emerscing it in DQ! DQ is h-bar always on! DQ coinsides all SQ, so n¤ SQ can be ESQ!

So, and again, "What is Quality?"

We cann¤t define it. Why? When we define some notion classically we change what we are attempting to define into ESQ. We describe ESQ as that which does not change. ESQ then is pure quantity! Forever changeless. Perpetual state!

We, following Pirsig's and Bergson's and William James' mentorship, describe (n¤t define) quality as absolute change, absolute flux, absolute adaptive evolution. DQ then is pure quality! Forever changing. Forever changing all. Perpetual flux!

We should say and write descriptionings in place of describe since we are in fluxings processings of describings any qualityings. Quantonics distills all that to "monitorings." Take a moment to assess how classical 'measurement' is innately quantitative: whatever is 'measured' must be stopped, held still in order to 'measure' it. Our use of "monitorings" begs quality via plural present participle flux. QELRed we have quantum~ømnihtørings.

Doug - 9Aug2007.

Doug has been reading The Chaldæan Oracles I & II, translated over 100 years ago by G. R. S. Mead.

Doug is doing this reading and study and research for a simple reason: Pirsig's "ancients." Mead's translations, and there are many, plus recent translations of many gnostic gospels are translations of what ancients believed and wrote thousands of years ago.

Doug found a goody near end of Oracles I.

It appears as Mead's commentary near end of Oracle: 'The Principles or Rulers of the Sensible World.'

Here is our quote of Mead's commentary from that oracle:

"The difference between Fountain (phgai) and Principle (arcai) is clear enough; one wells out from itself, the other rules something not itself." Doug's bold and italic.

Imagine Doug's glee hearing Mead intuitively expose SOM 'principle's' innate and congenital, genetically-coded wall! Can you hear Aristotle? Aquinas? "Other rules something not itself!" SOM's knife, SOM's wall! Principle!

Doug has offered countless examples of dialectic. Here we see one of SOM's greatest disablers. Principle! A good example of "how principle disables" is Artificial Intelligence. Researchers have found that artificial neural networks which do not work are other directed: mechanically-external-principle directed.

SOM disabler: Principle is quantitative.

MoQ enabler: Pr¤cæss issi qualitative.

Self organizing networks, which animately, holographically, self-direct and self emerge, work.

To say this simply, principles disable evolution by prescribing one way, nomos, to do some state-event interaction sequence while proscribing any other methods. It is called 'science.' SOM fundamentalist religions do something similar too.

OSFA monist 'principles' are SOM's greatest disablers.

Won't it be fun to hear a majority of people saying, 50 years from now, "That's obvious!"

Doug - 19Aug2007.

We just want to remind you that 13 October 2007 is anniversary 700 of Pope Clement V and French King Philippe IV's commencement of their intent and partial success at destroying The Knights Templar. All good ç a t h o l i ç s should celebrate this day.

It is interesting to note that Cornelia Peacock-Connelly, a native of Philadelphia, sychronistically founded The Society of the Holy Child Jesus, relevant — 12 disciples plus Jesus makes 13 perhaps Thursday or Friday — crucifixion of Jesus, in 1840, in England. Ç a t h o l i ç s tend to celebrate Jesus frequently on 13 October.

October is month 10. 10 + trinity = 13. 1, 2, 3...


A relevant movie: National Treasure with Nicholas Cage, et al.

See Wikipedia.

Heuristic: If you're gonna kill, best be careful H5W!

Roman and Muslim terrorists, beware!

Some folk superstitiously believe paraphenomena are "Supernaturally causal." Causation, supernatural and otherwise is, in quantum reality, bogus!

Doug - 14Aug2007.

Noticed hurricanes in Pacific? Rare, eh?

Earth's core shift is our culprit here, folks. You'll see...soon enough. Watch for aurora borealis, too, in and around Hawaii! Surfers should notice much warmer water, especially closer Maui.

When did you ever see hurricanes and seismic activity at their highest levels, together, before? Remember, 2 levels on Richter is 1000 wave energy change. One level is square root of 1000...about 32.

Doug - 14Aug2007.

Goodbye Denny Hastert! Worst Speaker ever...

Republikan't extraordinaire.

Ditto Humpty Rovety.

If only...Bu()sh() next...we'll see...

And late August our incompetent, corrupt and corrupting Attorney General has finally resigned. Republikan'ts are dropping like Bu()sh() coprolites.

GOP is a party of demiurgic self-extinction!

Goodbye Republican'ts!

Good riddance Republican'ts!

Doug - 31Jul-1Sep2007.

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September, 2007 News:

On Doug's Late August Early September 2007 Efforts...

We have little to say here this month. There isn't much news, as far as we can tell.

In spite of that Doug has been working diligently on Introduction and Chapter 1 reviews of Elaine Pagels' The Johannine Gospel in Gnostic Exegesis. What does her title mean? You Christians may already know. First three books of New Testament are the Synoptics (same story told thrice): Matthew, Mark, and Luke. They are anti-gnostic, by Irenæun intent. Fourth book is John, thus Johannine. John is considered by many gnostics to be a gnostic text. So her title is about explanation (exegesis) of various gnostic groups and individuals.

In Doug's perhaps overly narrow perspectives gnosis is quantum while antignosis is classically dialectical.

Turns out gnostics agree with Doug except they do not use quantum terminology.

Doug takes those two reviews and shines Ihn Quantum Lightings upon them, Doug style.

We offer them for you in two draft installments here:

Introduction, and

Chapter 1.

There are an immense number of goodies exposed and enlightened in those two review segments. Lots of novel HotMemes™. Enjoy!

For those of you who are waiting for it, Doug will finish Hoffmann's The Strange Story of the Quantum, ACT II during first two weeks of September, 2007. It is nearly finished, but our comments re: Matthew in editorials above required a hiatus into Pagels' TJGiGE. Latter effort preempted news and Hoffmann efforts.

You'll enjoy these works, in our opinion, better than news, anyway.

In other areas, we are reading James' Pragmatism nowings. And we just ordered David A. Granger's October, 2006 (publish date) book juxtaposing both Dewey and Pirsig. This book isn't getting many raves, but it is a huge step toward a more gnostic enlightenment of currently dialectical academe. Granger is easy to read, has done his homework, knows Dewey and Pirsig quite well. Those of you Pirsig enthusiasts this one is for you, we believe. Buy it. Read it. Someone was quoted as saying, "Pirsig is overjoyed" about Granger's efforts. That's a good message, folks.

If you want to review it and have Quantonics publish your review, assuming editorial approval here, contact Doug. We assume you want to do an in depth, chapter-by-chapter, blow-by-blow review. If any short reviews appear outstanding from a quantum~qualitative perspective, we may choose to publish them. Let us know if you want to do that.

Doug only found out about Granger's book last week of August, 2007.

One more point, Granger's book and a good parcel of Valentinian and Chaldæan gnosis (ancient pragmatic (process~action) Value) should be represented on Martin Ryder's U. Colorado 'qualitative' web site. Doug's opinion.

With some foundations in gnosis one cannot avoid finding parallels in works of: Pirsig, Bergson, James, Jung, several quantum theorists, Peirce, Heraclitus, Cratylus, etc. Surely too, Quantonics is in its own self~omniscovery of its own Gn¤sis. Apparently Doug's life long intuitions have carried a large tilt in favor of gnosis' memes and memeos. Doug is beginning to wonder whether he has some Essene Jesuit vine growing in his veins: shades of Merovingians! If this tantalizes you, be sure to read those two chapter reviews linked just above. Doug's n¤n father's name was Oren Lawrence Rensel. In Judaism 'Rensel' is usually a first name. In Hebrew ren is ray (actin) and sel is cliff and rock: Raycliff, Rayrock? B¤th æ ist as surnames, usually associated with uranium mines! Note: Rentgen, Roentgen, etc. Recall Peter was a dialectical 'rock.' Ray may be viewed as quantum energy of life.

Doug - 1Sep2007.



Thank you for reading,

Doug - 1Sep2007.

See you here again in early October, 2007!



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