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A Quantum Qubit

Notice just to left of center quanton Doug's vertical use of Q-bit... (qubit).
This is what a qubit looks like to Doug: a quantonic
antihn¤mial~c¤mplæmæntary straddle of DQ and SQ.
We see our qubit straddling 'existence,' and n¤n 'existence.'
PB QLOs as quantum~assessment appear extreme left. They straddle quantons(isoflux,flux).
In a way this is a 'design' 'requirement' for a qubit.

It shows creative aspects of a qubit in its roles of emergence and immergence.

Qubits also have roles of actual transmutation via quantons(scin,quan).

Doug - 13Mar2015.

This graphic offers more descriptive power to our various Quantonic hermeneutics.

Again we offer our usual caveat that this graphic is a limited 2D inanimate representation of
a quantum reality which we always intuit and imagine as quantum anihmatæ and quantum omni-iso-dimensional.

We show a horizontal red dashed, quantum included-middle, line above which is quantum actuality and below which is quantum n¤nactuality.
Above/below are arbitrary. We can imagine our graphic in any omnimensional orientation. As an example, superpose
our above graphic on any quanton(s) in our Quanton Ensemble Quantum Interrelationships graphic.
Notice how that graphic exemplifies our ontology loop aligned with quanton n¤mbær 11.

Left to right along this red dashed line we show five omnifferent Quantonic memetics of quantum reality:

  1. quanton(DQ,SQ), which we may also interpret as:

    • quanton(n¤nactuality,actuality), (a quantum reality view)
    • quanton(VES,PES), (a quantum physical reality view)
    • quanton(nonspace,space), (Irving Stein's metaphoric view)
    • quanton(is¤being,being), (a quantum ontological view)
    • quanton(is¤bec¤ming,being), (a quantum squaring view)
    • quanton(is¤unbec¤ming,is¤being), (a quantum squaræ rooting view)
    • etc.,

  2. Q-bit, which we may interpret simply as a quanton whose:

    • actual, computational quantum c¤mplement is above our red dashed line
    • n¤nactual, EIMA, entangling, superposing quantum c¤mplement is below our red dashed line,

  3. Quantonics' unique Tao quanton semiotics, whose:

  4. Quantonics' quantum probability interrelationships to quantum square and quantum square root notations, and
  5. Quantonics' ubiquitous up to Planck rate ontology loop. [DMD, this is what we are talking about: changings and timings, etc. See our pastings, nowings, futurings. Also see our QELR of select. Doug- 15Nov2005.]

by Doug Renselle

To contact Quantonics write to or call:

Doug Renselle
Quantonics, Inc.
1950 East Greyhound Pass, Ste 18, # 368
Carmel, INdiana 46033-7730

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