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* Astute readers may notice this font's (Republik SerifCG 03Alt) letters are quasi-quantons, or quasi-quantum objects. They are open. They interpenetrate and are interpenetrated by their comtexts. They commingle and cohere their comtexts. This font is an example of a fundamental difference between omnilogical quantum reality and homological SOM/classical reality. View some art on this issue:

Quantum Egg 'C' Object
MoQ Quantum Egg
Millennium III Reality Map
Quantum Logic Interrelationships
MoQ Reality Loop I
MoQ Reality Loop II

Reviewer caveat: Our artwork which we draw here is feeble. It is feeble because it is difficult to show more than three dimensions. Reality probably is omnimensional. We k-now reality is omniadic, but our perceptions and art which describe our reality are mostly limited to two and three dimensions. Reader, please attempt to imagine n-dimensions as apropos in your process of discovery here. For example, in our map linked to this text, you might imagine quantum c¤mplementary omnimensional representations of our map in all directions above, below, and around the map. Unfortunately, all of humankind's artistic endeavors are by necessity incomplete in their depictions of reality or imagined reality.

Reviewer caveat: It is nearly impossible to use a 2D graphic to show any intended interrelationship of actual reality and n¤nactual reality. Our art shown in our original, A New Map of Reality, shows actuality and n¤nactuality as comjoined, and one still senses their unintended objective separation. If we could show it, we would show their interrelationship as interpenetrating, cohering, commingling, and co-within each other at reality's most primal level of quantum flux. We made this change in our latest, Millennium III Map of Reality. Note how we refer to it as a face of change, extending a concept of surface in our map's predecessor. In A New Map of Reality, imagine our solid line which separates them as a permeable membrane to sense DQ's surface. Surface is a poor choice of words too. Imagine n¤nactual waves mixing ubiquitously with latched actual waves to move much closer to our intended artistic interpretation.




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