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Quantum Gn¤stic Venus, Flounceless


Students please be aware that what we show is a book cover which received a metallic imprint of that line image.
We do not know what metal was used, but it has not corroded or oxidized.
Imprint was made by Rarity Books in a 1932 private edition of Rabelais' Opus.

Doug fell in love with it moment he saw it.

Provenance - Doug has had Rabelais' Opus for awhile.
Didn't notice that image until much effort was put into
Holy Blood, Holy Grail, Demons and Angels, The Da Vinci Code, Pagels' opus,
Yates' (partial) opus, Rule of Four (Thanks Debbie!), Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, etc.
After a quick (slow?) study in so many symbologies and semiotics plus their heuristics and
hermeneutics, Doug picked Rabelais up (we have a separate, private-personal, quantum
religious library in our lab) last week to check a Yates reference to it on Picatris (from Yates' Giordano Bruno).

Suddenly, unexpectedly, said image leapt off book cover like a photonic bolt of lightning!

Doug ran to Beth absolutely squealing in Magdalenic delight.

If any of you want a copy of this larger version with flounce added, say so.
We can offer it with a transparent background also.

Doug trimmed all Gestalt 'background' away using Photoshop.
Only show Gestalt foreground.

We like this image's pronounced halo.
And it is essence of quantum gn¤sticism, e.g. rose lines and vines.

In our smaller version Doug added a Venusian coverlet flounce.

Thank you for reading.


Doug - 31May2006.

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