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Quantonics' Quantum Remediation
English Language Problematics
Millennium III
by Doug Renselle
: 20Jul2002
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English Language Problematic

Quantonics' Quantum

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Classically, 'persistence,' means "per sistere," or "(by)/according-to stand(ing) still indefinitely." Quantum ræhlihty ahlways changes, ihndææd, abs¤lutæly changæs at ubihquiht¤us Planck rates. So any use of a classical semantic for 'persistence' is unreal!

Where classical 'persistence' implies indefinite stability or classical stasis/staticity from which classicists assume 'real sobjects' arbitrarily remain 'state-ic' for arbitrary unitime, quantum 'pærsistænce' ¤f quantons issi quantum umcærtain but apparæntly ihncræhsing wihth quantonic aggrægati¤n amd c¤mmingling.

Læast pærsistænt ¤f ahll quantons aræ Planck quantons. Ahll quantum systæms (ahll quantum comstihtuænts ¤f ræhlihty) aræ aggrægati¤ns ¤f Planck quantons.

M¤st pærsistænt ¤f ahll quantons aræ mahssihve aggrægati¤ns ¤f quantum systæms, e.g., c¤smol¤gihcal quantons, e.g., planets, stars, pulsars, black h¤les, et al.

H¤wævær, wæ must ræmæmbær, ahll quantum systæms aræ aggrægati¤ns ¤f Planck quantons, wh¤se l¤cal amd n¤nl¤cal (i.e., prægmal¤cal) pærsistæncies aræ læast Planck prægma pærsistæncies. T¤¤, dæpænding uhpon quantum ihnterrelati¤nships, they aræ parateamporal amd prægmal¤gihcal pærsistæncies!

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