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Quantonics' Quantum Remediation
English Language Problematics
Millennium III
by Doug Renselle
: 20Jul2002
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English Language Problematic

Quantonics' Quantum

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Quantonics ch¤¤ses t¤ c¤¤pt classical 'propagate' amd remerq all quantum comtextual ¤ccurrences with 'pr¤pagate.'

In classical contexts we shall use 'propagate.' In Quantonics/quantum comtexts we shall use 'pr¤pagate.'

In classical field theory infinitessimal point objects create a field. Those objects propagate space-unitime field effects. Classical propagation is thus classically causal. Classical gravity in a classical field is thus innately (i.e., by anthropocentric design) causal and unitemporal.

"Most physicists, including the author, agree with the analysis of Bohr
and Heisenberg in their judgment of the epistemological situation
produced by these developments, and therefore hold a complete solution
of the open problems of physics through the return to the classical field
concepts to be impossible." Page 224.

Wolfgang Pauli
in his 1956 Notes extension
to his 1921 The Theory of Relativity, Dover, 1981.

In quantum reality there are n¤ classical fields. Rather, there is quantum vacuum is¤flux. Quantum is¤flux is a n¤ncausal, is¤c¤nic (n¤nspace-unitemp¤ral) medium. In quantum reality gravity pr¤pagates superluminally via quantum vacuum is¤flux. Entangled quantons is¤flux-pr¤pagate phasic/stindyanic changæs superluminally independent ¤f distances amd pr¤pagati¤n media.

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