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Dec1998  Are you the same you now, or different from you one second ago? Why?

1. Frank A.S. — Different. I believe that, that which I believe to be me, is being seamlessly created in the now, but mostly backwards in the form of memories, giving the impression of change as well as time advancing. But in reality there can be
no time, space or number beyond 1.

2. bar — Yep! I am different from what I was one second ago. Why, you ask...? Apoptosis for sure. Environmental influences for sure. Genetic changes for sure. Need I say more? Who wants to be the same all the time? Yuk! Static Quality. Not for me. Some people love it. Some people thrive on it - how boring. Woops! Got to go. Time to change.

3. Doug — Interesting answers, don't you agree? Hope we get more participation next month.

Doug's answer: In Pirsig's MoQ, one must answer, "Yes." You are both same and different from one second ago. Dynamic Quality makes incremental attempts to change you for the better, at a very fast quantized rate. Static Quality resists DQ's attempts. Over brief intervals we appear not to change at all, but over longer intervals we see the accumulation of change.

Quantum reality says everything has opportunity for change and may change at least at Planck's rate. In Pirsigese, Dynamic Quality's unlatched flux changes at Planck rate harmonics and below. Static Quality's latched flux resists DQ's unlatched flux.

See you next month.

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