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MoQ Links

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Bibliography of references to Pirsig's
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Dan Jones'
University of Central Florida Web Site

Be sure to back up to Dan's pages above this one.


The Lila Squad
You will want to join!

A Robert Pirsig Club
An email list sponsored by Geoff of NZ.
This list has a professional appearance, but it is new,
so you will have to try it for yourself. Big advantage
appears to be discussion of both ZMM and Lila.


A Project with Paradoxical Goals

This site is wonderful! Beautiful background chambered nautilus graphic. Superb links!

A subtle, potent -

Deming Connection!
Bo's home page.
Bodvar Skutvik
is a confidant of Pirsig himself!
Bo is an expert on the MoQ.

Check out Keith Brown's links to Pirsig material.
ð (It moved!)
Robert Pirsig Resources Project
English 3303
Tarleton State University (ZMM here, caveat! =>)

Here is the (nearly) full text of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

A small segment at the end of Part III is missing. It is the part where Pirsig discusses 'Mu.'

I suggest you buy a copy of ZMM at Amazon or equivalent online bookstore. See Oliver Schoenborn's home page dedicated to Pirisg. Neat graphics. Neel Vasavada's home page has a terrific picture of Pirsig and son Chris on the famous motorcycle.
Link is temporarily lost! Gaal Yahas' home page has a brief dialogue about ZMM and Lila.

Bohemian Ink offers more great links to Pirsig material.

Some of these links are redundant to ones we have listed here, but there a couple unique ones, too!

Link is temporarily lost!

Robert M. Pirsig

American writer - philosopher
ð Yourdon's site is locked now. Unable to access it.

Ed Yourdon's home page has this quote from ZMM which Ed uses to describe New York City.

Ed is a renowned system analysis expert in software functional and object-oriented system development.

Doug Renselle is a student of Ed's methods, among others.

Frans Faase's home page at


links to this page. See link to Chris Pirsig too. James McCabe's site. He calls it The Metaphysics of Value. His subtitle is A Brief Summary of the Philosophical Ideas Expounded in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and Lila: An Inquiry into Morals

This is a sub-page within The Principia Cybernetica site. The page points to the contents (8 Volumes) of proceedings from the Einstein Meets Magritte (EMM) conference in Brussels Belgium where Pirsig presented his now famous Subjects, Objects, Data & Values paper in May, 1995. Volume I, item 14 is Pirsig's paper.

Also visit the home page of Principia. It is superb! They have a very nice map which will help you find your way around the site.

Here is the schedule for the EMM conference:

Pirsig's presentation was Thursday, June 1, 1995, plenary session 12, 17:00-18:00. 

by Cory Visi (My Philosophy Paper)

The Evolution of Consciousness

An interesting perspective which sees things as alive. On page two of this brief discourse Cory starts referring to Pirsig thus: "Robert Pirsig main philosophy describes a Metaphysics of Quality which suggests a connection between humans and non-humans." This piece starts on the right track. It ends with a letdown.

 Pirsig Quotes



 Tony Mayo's Comments and Analysis


Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Michael Stoic's
New and Updated!

Description of the Motorcycle

Pirsig and Son Chris Rode on
Their Chautauqua.
Thanks Mike for notifying us of your new location!

 Steven Kundert's

Review of ZMM

Senior Year, Spring 1997
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