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  Poem for HRP:    


Dedicated to Dr. Heinz R. Pagels

Universal knowledge is infinite,
We of finite intellect admit,
Yet we pursue the inference, of
Invariant structure a bit.

We get stuck among the many contexts
In a subrange we want to know,
And call them top and bottom, of
The row we choose to hoe.

Frustration merges with the spirit
Evoking déjà vu,
As phase state investigation finds
Recursive spaces of fractal voodoo.

Persistently, we climb the ladder,
More complexity at every rung,
Trailing time spent and entropy,
Weaving a rendition of cosmic continuum.

Doug Renselle



Poem Dedicated to Dr.Heinz R. Pagels
By Doug Renselle, November 10, 1988

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