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A much asked for transformation (Bo, here it is).

"Truth is one species of good, and not, as is usually supposed, a category distinct from good, and coordinate with it."

William James in his Pragmatism, Longmans-Green pub., 1907.
See pages 45, 53, 75, and 222.

Allow us to paraphrase James to fit this Quantonic animation,
"S-O are included-middle species of V(alue), and not, as is usually supposed, categories distinct from V(alue), and mechanically coordinated with it."

Prior to reading this, we thought this was an original notion of Robert M. Pirsig. Clearly it is not. However, our finding does not detract from MoQ's essence.

We choose to view this as superior evidence of William James as Western cultures' first quantum philosopher. Prior, we had thought of Pirsig in that light.

Students of philosophy may note how crucial James' assessment is.

Aristotle, based on suggestions from Plato and Parmenides placed truth above good and made them separate categories. Observe classical mechanics' caesarean conception. Pirsig's works beg our calling it "The Birth of SOM."

See our fledgling efforts to use this as a means of describing a Quantonics version of a Quantum Society.

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Graphic art and animation by Doug Renselle.
Readers should grasp that Doug (un)intentionally started out with S over O; adhering classical
to quantum evolution we should have started with O over S. Doug - 7Sep2006.

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