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Schrödinger's Lissajous
Tao & Mobius


Erwin Schrödinger's
Möbius Tao Double Helix
Hydrogen Atom Sketch
From his
Notebook N1


Is this stuff useful? Damned straight!

We can use all of those pixes above to quantum~modal (classically 'model') quarks, bosons, fermions, tunneling neutrinos, etc.

Imagine how those pixes can show 720° fermionic spin rotational asymmetry (Feynman called it "wobble.").

Imagine how those pixes can show 360° bosonic spin rotational symmetry.

Imagine how those pixes can show paired and contrarotating 720° fermionic spin rotational asymmetries
Bose-Einstein-Condensed and acting like bosons.

Imagine how those pixes can show neutrino ontologies as they tunnel through a planet alternating
bosonic then fermionic then bosonic then fermionic then bosonic tunneling behaviors.

Try to show how an ontology of boson-fermion-boson using three Taos (part of this appears in our Möbius link below under 'String Theory').
How do you morph that result to get a fermion?

Use that Tao. Show its red flux flowing |0>, then complement |1>. What 'physical' quantum~modal is that?

What happens when that Tao latches? Unlatches?

How can it toggle (as neutrinos do) back and forth from bosonic to fermionic to bosonic...?
Does this tell us that mass can (does) tunnel other mass by toggling bosonfermion?
(We say, resoundingly, "Yes!" Doug.)

Are electrons doing something similar when they superconduct?

How can we show its isoflux (nonactual) quantum~complement?

For some additional clues, see our very popular Möbius Left.


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