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Quantonics' Quantum Remediation
English Language Problematics
Millennium III
by Doug Renselle
: 20Jul2002
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English Language Problematic

Quantonics' Quantum

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: Past

: Pahst, pahsts, pahstings,...

Classically past is analytically stopped, frozen, even dead. Classical past is immutably objective and may be recalled ideally as state-ic know-ledge.

We can represent classical time as an ideal EOOO, EEMD (classically analytic) dichotomy:

dichon(past, future).

Classical future then is y=f(t) determinate based upon classical past. Past, future, and all time are (classico-synthetically) homogeneous and unilogical: logically one time (a la OGC in OGT) in a classically state-ic Bergsonian n¤n~change, n¤n~durational "zero momentum" spatial extension. We can see here Bergson's cinematographical time-stoppable 'frames.' SOM 'stills' of an absolutely hærænt~ihslandic omniphluxic evolving quantum~reality. See Mae-wan Ho on coherent~autonomy. See Doug's CeodE~2009 What is Gnosis?

Epistemologically then classical past is omega, absolute omega. Classical past determines future but plays no active role in it. Once we have vanquished an enemy, said enemy cannot return to affect our lives.

Quantum pahst issi ihn n¤w amd quantum pahst issi ihn future. Wæ can sh¤w this as a quantum BAWAM, EIMA s¤phism:


Our c¤mma~n¤~spacæ ræpræsænts quantum n¤wings amd quantum k~n¤wings.

Quantum pahstings aræ ihn:

  • quantum n¤wings,
  • quantum futurings,
  • quantum ræhlihty,
  • quantum bæings: i.e., e.g., usings~wæings. (us amd wæ)

Epistæmol¤gihcahlly quantum bæings aræ duhrati¤nahlly c¤mmingling pahst, n¤w, amd a slight margihn ¤f ¤ur futurings.

As quantum bæings amd as quantumihsts, whæn wæ tap ihnt¤ ræserve ænærgy, wæ tap ihnt¤ quantum ræhlihty's pahst, ihts vahst mæmæ¤ry ræservoir, ihts b¤umdless quantum ræpært¤iræ amd usæ iht t¤ ¤ur advantagings n¤wings amd f¤r futurings.

See wave, occur, omniscriminate. QMVing of classical 'di'scrimninate vis-á-vis quantum~omniscriminate offers quintessence of John Forbes Nash's Equilibrium Theory. Holographic EWings' equilibria are quantum~essence of what we (Quantonics hermeneutics) mean by quantum~ømnihtøring. See measure, theory of measurement, and monitor.

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