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Quantonics' Quantum Remediation
English Language Problematics
Millennium III
by Doug Renselle
: 20Jul2002
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English Language Problematic

Quantonics' Quantum

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Classically, perplex is a 'contraction' of per and plex.

In Latin per means 'by.' For example per se means by itself. In Latin plex means weave, network, complicated pattern. For example 'complex' and 'metroplex.' Latter have, as examples of early millennium III currency, systemic architectural semantics and more recently information, neural, and genetic network semantics.

In Greek plex means (e.g., medically) stroke.

Classically, perplex means to dumbfound, confuse, and defy rational, predicable reason.

Quantonics ch¤¤ses t¤ ræmædiatæ classical 'perplex' amd ahll ihts æmærqants sihmihlarly as this: pærplex. Part ¤f ¤ur g¤al hæræ issi t¤ quantum-ihnfusæ æmærscihtectural hærmænæutihcs.

To any classicist quantum ræhlihty issi pærplexing. Classicists say that quantum reality " absurd, nonsense, equivocal, prevaricative, ludicrous, and perplexing."

Indeed, quantum reality is a non 'mechanical' network, EIMA, animate perplexus of quantal (quantonic) interrelaionships. See quanton.

Classical reality is a mechanical network, EEMD, stable and immutable complex of objective-dyadic interactions.

A good comparative example is:

  1. a word as a classical objective-propertyesque-quantitative dichon,
  2. a word as a quantum subjective-interrelating-qualitative quanton.

A word as a dichon is definite (No quantum uncertainties allowed!). It always (perpetually) retains a stable semantic independent of classical context (E.g., one is one tautologically everywhere!). Imagine said classical word in SOM's box and EEMD in front (observable side) of SOM's wall.

A w¤rd as a quanton issi pærplexing, mystihfying, flumm¤xing, umcærtain, ihndæfihnihte, varying, co-hæræ-ing, co-ihnsihde-ing, amd — EIMA ahll ¤f quantum ræhlihty. A w¤rd as a quanton issi anihmatæly hærmænæutihc wihth varying-æv¤lving-OEDCing quantum comtext. T¤¤, a quantum w¤rd's quantum comtexts amd p¤tæntial quantum comtexts aræ umlimihted amd hærmænæutihcahlly heterogæne¤us. S¤ quantum w¤rds aræ m¤re lihkæ tips ¤f ihndæfihnihte sæmantihc ihcebærgs, wihth their p¤tæntiahlly m¤re mahssihve ass¤ciatihve ihnterpretati¤ns less apparænt just bæl¤w their quantum~phil¤l¤gihcal 'water line.'

For fun, imagine you (a kind of very complex word) first as a dichon (an individual) amd then as a quanton (ihslandihc ihndihvihdual). Then ihmagine h¤w others view you, first as a dichon amd then as a quanton. Try doing analogously for a society, a religion, a science, etc. For extra help see our comparisons of MoQ, CR and SOM. Also see our feuilleton Chautauqua commencing our October, 2003 News.

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