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One may avail lots of ways to say how monisms, classical notions of 'union,' 'unity,' 'unification,' etc. are all bogus:

  • Quantum~gn¤sis says, "Monism (one~ism) issi deceit."
  • One Global Context does n¤t fit all...see OGC in SOM and OGC as an acronym.
  • See Doug's rant on classical vav quantum unification.
  • See OSFA; one size does n¤t fit all. Worse unions are inefficient and n¤n productive, indeed wasteful and long term useless. Unions are for social retards. That's why we call it, the United States of America, and our whole world can now see what a bunch of social retards are 'leading' and 'managing' it. US' society is a total classical failure, just like Keynes! Just like Bernanke and his FRB! Unions break themselves! They are self annihilating. Why? Their belief in dialectical monism and its attendant and innate bivalency.
  • Politically, all classical unions are communism, totalitarian, catholic OSFA, dumbass 'state' thing-king. H-bar off!
  • Quantum~reality is plural AKA heterogeneous, and dynamic, always changing all thinkqing. N¤ state unions allowed! H-bar on!
  • Closest quantum~reality comes to offering an analogy of 'union,' is quantum~cohesion (coherence) which as Mae-wan Ho explained in her the Rainbow and the Worm, issi a quanton(quantum~coherence,quantum~autonomy). Our world will commence progress again when all humans understand what Mae-wan meant and what quantum~miracles that understanding offers.
  • Etc.

Please compare
dichon(~, o) as classical-state: closed, temporally-continuous, mechanically-stopped...-stoppable, state-ic, exclusive, etc.,
quanton(~,¤) as quantum~change: open, quantized, perpetually~evolving, animate, middle~including, etc. Here is a picture of that comparison:

Classical monisms are formal
objects. They mechanically 'interact' with one another.
For example 'balls' bounce off of walls, rackets, other balls, etc.
Said balls axiomatically and canonically cann¤t evolve and change via self-other transmutation.
Why? Classical '
science' says so!

Quantum pluralisms are ensemble
quanta. They phasistically interrelate as quantum flux synonymically quantum~waves.
Their types of quantum~interrelationshipings include absolutely~
changing (i.e., classical objective, invariant, and unified 'state' is forbidden):
autsimilarity, chance, cohera, coherence, complementarity, coobsfection, entanglement, entropa, holographic~networking,
interference, middle~inclusion, partiality, scintillation, selection, self~other~recursion, superposition, uncertainty, etc.
We call these pluralistic quantum~interrelationshipings "quantons." They, as shown in our picture, "
quantize reality."
They evolve. They emerge. They create. They innovate. And so on...

Doug - 6May2010.

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