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This is our July, 2005 editorial

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Classical: God is 'intelligent design.'

Quantum: G¤d issi "ihntællihgænt æv¤luti¤n."

Doug - 26Jun2005

What is love? "Love is the will to extend oneself for the purpose of nourishing [both] one's own and another's [others'] spiritual growth."

Scott M. Peck, The Road Less Traveled.
Our brackets. Our italics.

Another quantum both~and included~middle! Both~all~while~and~many.
(Our "both~all" mitigates classical dialectical bivalency.)
("While" mandates absolute process flux.)
(Our "many" reveres quantum pluralism and heterogeneity of cultures, faiths, loves, spirits, believings, respectings, etc.)

What is hate? Dialectic creates hate by normalizing it as love's absolute classical, objective, fundamental, dogmatic 'opposite.'

An ideal classical, formal, mechanical, Aristotelian excluded-middle, either-one-or-the-other: dichon(hate, love).

See Heraclitus and browser search there for dialectic.

Doug - 28Jun2005.

"If 'science' 'steadily' accreted knowledge it wouldn't have to efface old know-ledges!"

Doug 29Jun2005.

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July, 2005 News:

On tea...

Beth found this marvelous tea place in Newport, Oregon. They decided to go "virtual," so now we order our tea from them on WWW. See

Doug wasn't much of a tea drinker until he and Beth got together. Now, Doug literally almost can't wait to get his first hot cup of morning tea.

Do you know how to make tea? It isn't hard, but it isn't simple either. Doug uses clear glass 12 oz. cups from Williams & Sonoma. Our 'home' microwave is 1100 watts and Doug's lab microwave is about 700 watts. Doug takes a 1/2 teaspoon measure and slightly rounds it with Apricot Tea from VirtualTea. He dumps that into a Pyrex 1 litre(quart) measuring cup and pours filtered water into said cup up to 1.5 cup line. Cook that in a microwave oven for 4:10 minutes at 1100 watts and 7:00 minutes at 700 watts. Yes, our Pyrex cup appears too big. That is to allow water and tea to vigorously boil last 1-2 minutes. Allowing for atmospheric pressure variations, tea will never boil over top of that too large cup (it will boil over smaller cups).

In Great Britain their line voltages are double ours at about 220 volts. They use water boiling pots which heat up almost instantly, and their water is very hot and boiling when they pour it over their tea. That high temperature is critical for getting flavor out of tea quickly. If tea sets, flavor becomes bitter. Doug always makes 12 oz. fresh drinks it and starts over.

Try Virtual Tea's Apricot, it's exceptional! Doug.

A sound track recommendation for Dan Brown's Angels and Demons when whoever makes da' movie...

Doug saw Manhattan Transfer in Toronto in 1990. These folks are beyond great! Vastly beyond great!!

Beth and Doug were listening to this CD last evening. As background, realize that Doug has read Dan Brown's Angels and Demons and Beth is reading it now. Beth has already read his da Vinci Code and Doug is reading it now.

Anyway we were on our deck listening to Transfer when cut 11 (last cut) played. No sooner had it started and its lyrics were compenetrating Doug's quantum stage when Angels and Demons and Blues for Pablo latched as an incredible match. Here are Blues for Pablo's (music by Gil Evans, lyrics by Jon Hendricks; vocal adaptation by Janis Siegel) lyrics:


Adios mi Corazon Iberia
Adios mi Corazon adios
Adios, adios Iberia
Adios, adios Iberia
Adios my Pablo
You know how much we'll miss you
when you finally leave us
Vaya con Dios
Over the water came a
brother driven mad
Puttin' forth a heathen horde
on his people
To blacken human spirit'll
make the devil glad—glad
Things like that will make
the devil glad
Make the devil so glad
You fight our brother
Tryin' t'fight your brother
drives you mad
And madness blinds you Pablo
Mi Pais, mi Catalonia—When?
When you comin' home?
When you comin' home?
Well, my heart is near home
ever home
None play our music
None paint our pictures
None make our spirit glow
My body's leaving but not me
Your face we will see
On the day that we're free
So go—Pablo
When danger threatens I must flee
The darkness comes
with a roll of the drums
Dark! Dark!
All the people work
Yet there is no pay
No pay—low pay
All the people work
Yet the children hunger on, Pablo
Hear me say, Madre, mi Madre
The everlasting light of art
Will ever shine
As long as I'm away from home
The devil strikes without warning
Turn life's wheel aroun'
Black is white, wrong is right,
up is down
Life is heavy 'neath these
new Conquistadores
Los Conquistadores acted nice
while at home
Mi Madre
Mi Padre
I know that you're the music
and the beauty
All I ever do
Is to keep the lamp of beauty
burning bright to keep it alive
Keep the light alive
To keep the light alive
Keep the light alive
That's a light s' gotta live
All the people work
All the people pray
We miss you
All the people pray
For your safe returning (oh Pablo)
Will you, will you, will you,
will you, will you please
Cast an eye overseas
over there, over there
Over there around the
Hispaniolas—si Cuba
Hombre Cubano,
el comprende como sta?
Adios, mi Corazon, Iberia
Adios, o' little sons of Iberia
Adios, Adios, Adios
(...we left out accent marks...)
The Manhattan Transfer: Cheryl Bentyne, Tim Hauser, Alan Paul, Janis Siegel.
Blues for Pablo from their album 'The Offbeat of Avenues'
(It simply doesn't get any better than this folks! But then there is Santana and Arturo Sandoval too. J)

Yes, it's about Cubano (and actually Spanish, Catalan is a separatist-socialist-anarchist wine-producing province twixt France and Spain) Inquisition and Angels and Demons is about Italian Inquisition. But Inquisition is Inquisition, and inquisitors always impose their own evil (d'evil) social patterns of value do they not? Inquisitorial dialectic is always a social either-or is it not? Inquisitorial right or wrong is always an absolute dialectical either-or is it not?

Read and listen. See if you agree...

Doug - 2Jul2005.

Some whitepaperish comments...

We are still using an updated OS X 10.2x version of our MAC Titanium's Quantonics support system. We have other more recent 10.3.9 versions too. Beth uses one, a much newer G4 PowerBook with 2G RAM. We use tcsh and Beth's defaults to bash (we can change, but we want to do it on Tiger and we're waiting for Tiger to 'soldify,' along with Intel's new x86 PowerBook and desktop cpus). We're planning on acquiring other Titaniums as long term clones of our support system.

Prior, for over a decade we used very costly (lifetime costs) Win$tel machines. Before that we grew up on original Apple 2e and plus (Doug did a contract soft keyboard prototype called "Choice" for Bowmar (original calculator folks) on an Apple 2e!), and their original Mac Lisa derivatives. We were forced to switch due corporate pressures (which we always saw as really "stupid").

You may be able to imagine our concern over Jobs 'choice' to switch to Intel. But we believe that which cpu one chooses is irrelevant! Sort of like physics' "direction is irrelevant to speed," and quantum physics' "time is irrelevant to gravity's Newtonian superluminality." Imagine gravity and its affectings upon our omniverses if it were classically-dependent upon time...hmmm... Quantum gravity is a (to Einstein's horror; he likened gravity to acceleration, i.e., a second derivative of time) a nonlocal "action at a distance" quantum phenomenon. J

What makes Apple's MAC in 2005-6 is awesome architecture and OS. Plus all their support software which makes switching from PPC to Intel literally "easy." According to what we read only application developers who use 'tools' outside Apple's approved list may have deeper problems. So we see it as not so serious, and even offering nearly optimum upsides for all: win, win, win.

But how long can we depend upon either MACs or PCs being around? In a digital format, less than two decades! Digital is dead! Passé! Over! Done! Antique! Digital is an ultimate dialectical either-or. Digital is radically mechanical. It is dead for similar reasons classical science is dead-dying: dialectic!

Some, e.g., I Cringely, are saying that we will all go to thin clients and organizations like Google may return us to a mostly centralized server schema. Our view is that approach is problematic. Redundancy is critical to survivability. Distributed computing is critical to survivability. Many sizes fit many situations is crucial to survivability. Those are all crucial to security also. Intel is on a good track here commencing embedded and hardware security features. If hardware can AI~learn how to intervene viruses, phages, worms, trojans, prions, etc. before they ever get to any software, bad guys days in the realm are limited. But only way we are k~nowings howings to beings doings thatings is quantum at best and hybrid formal~quantum at worst. Watch for Intel to add some rat brain or equivalent neurons in some of their cpus. Neurons can adapt and even learn to discover new threats in ways very similar to how humans do it now. Next two decades will very likely make technology similar this real.

What Quantonics has been proselytizing for at least a decade now is about to happen, big time. And it won't take nearly sixty years (i.e., point-contact transistor invention in 1947 to now, nearly 2007) for this quantum tsunami to be at hand daily in our lives. Our estimate of 20 years may be too long... We already have commercial quantum communications and encryption.

In about 2020 Earth's digital age will be declared officially dead. Earth's quantum period, a genuine coup d'etat, will be recognized as having already begun. Doug hopes to live just long enough to hear some of you say, "Doug wrote that previous sentence quantum~correctly."

We are already doing work to make it happen. Our site is quantum~prokaryotic re: quantum~metaphysics, ~philosophy, ~science, ~languages, etc. Few recognize that fact yet. But first tumbling flakes of that avalanche are already chaotically bounding, bounding, inevitably...

What a thrill to be capable of seeing it while so many others are simply blind, numb, stux suxing in ESQ's "status quo is the way to go."

Steve Job's recent behavior, to us, in our unique Quantonics perspectives, may be another quantum tell. If it is and if Apple and Intel can actually "smell the coffee," as we imagine they almost have to be, it is more than a quantum tell!!! And if we can believe Cringely, Google too is acting very strangely. BIG Tells, folks! Big guys are "gonna be spreadin' lots o'gravy on 'dat sumbitch."

Martha Gilliland's experience at UMKC is another quantum tell, a huge one! (We receive regular UMKC hits on our relevant pages.) And recently Japan's Hyper Box folk are hitting relevant AI pages, too.

We already mentioned existing quantum products..., i.e., communications and encryption. We think quantum energy tapping is next. Tells are table top fusion and deuterated acetone sonoluminescence experiments. Classicists have called this "pseudoscience," and "charlatanism," now, notably to their own chagrin. We're gonna find out who some of those real "fools" and classical "pseudo scientists" really are. We shall laugh all the way to our bank!

Quantum AI, genetic algorithms, SONs, and hybridization of biologicals with semiconductors are others. These are fabulous quantum tells, folks, n¤t "Mumbo Jumbo" as those folk at University of Missouri Kansas City call it. LOL! Ms. Gilliland shall return with quantum glory compenetrating her pioneering quantum repertoire. Be high! Martha. Be high! Recall Abe Lincoln's countless apparent 'failures' prior his genuine success. A quantum hoe complements a major fathom: vast enlightenment vis-à-vis sloe endarkenment. Doug - 28Jun2005.

There are countless others unrelated to quantology, though.

Memeology is a related example. Movies' graphic morphology is another.

Ubiquity of macroscopic bosonicity, another, but that is under quantology, probably, along with nanology and biononology which is ramping now exponentially.

Imagine where USA could be if our war criminal GWBush had spent his half-trillion Iraqi War dollars on these emerging quantologies instead of throwing them away in that Middle East cultural sewer?


Quantonics related OS X work...

Mac OS X's Tiger has some potent features, especially a Google like intra client local search capability called Spotlight.

Some of them we already are sort of doing in Terminal ourselves.

We have much more complex examples, but here is a simple tcsh alias which will allow one to search a specific directory for simple and complex patterns:

alias whis "grep -l \!:1 /Qtx_MAC_HTML/*.* | less" [careful to di stinguish numeric '1' and letter 'l,' too, \!:1 is first variable argument to be passed in from command line Doug]

You can alter that to make the directory spec. generic.

Here is an example of how we used that alias recently:

pdr% whis '[Pp]hædrus'

First parameter is our Terminal prompt. Next is our alias' name, 'whis.' Last is a Unix generic way of specifying an HTML pattern which appears in a browser as both Phædrus and phædrus.

Every occurrence of every HTML source file containing that pattern at least one time gets listed.

It's great for finding which files have misspelled words.

While we are at it, let's share our whis2 and whis3 aliases too:

alias whis2 "grep -l \!:1 /Qtx_MAC_HTML/*.* >t0; grep -l \!:2 /Qtx_MAC_HTML/*.* >t1; cat t0 t1 | sort | uniq -d | less"

That one uses temp files to conCATenate multipattern results into a single file which can then be sorted and unique lines listed. By simple extension here is whis3:

alias whis3 "grep -l \!:1 /Qtx_MAC_HTML/*.* >t0; grep -l \!:2 /Qtx_MAC_HTML/*.* >t1; grep -l \!:3 /Qtx_MAC_HTML/*.* >t2; cat t0 t1 | sort | uniq -d >t3; cat t0 t2 | sort | uniq -d >t4; cat t3 t4 | sort | uniq -d | less"

If you want those aliases persistent through reboots, just add them to your tcsh .cshrc file. To do that, cd ~, then use vi to open .cshrc. Use vi commands to open a line, then paste our lines above as is one at a time into .cshrc. Be sure to try vi on some other innocuous files first to prevent mistakes. We offer no guarantees, but these aliases work as shown on our systems. We have yet to attempt tcsh to bash conversion of those aliases, but if you search on MACOSXHINTs Doug asked about that and, if we recall well Hayne showed us where to find a converter which will assist any conversion attempts you make to go from tcsh to bash.

whis2 & 3 find all files which contain all three words anywhere in each file, e.g.:

whis3 Bohm Heisenberg Dirac

You can use whis to find all three together or an arbitrarily long string, like this whis 'Bohm Heisenberg Dirac'. You can use whis2 to to whis2 'Bohm Heisenberg' Dirac. Two together, one apart from them. After you get these to work, try changing them to delete those temp files, and ring a bell when a search is complete. Our prompt is second line in our .cshrc and looks like this: set prompt = "%p PDR% " which produces, for example, 2:32:15pm PDR%. If you hit a return just prior to running an alias you can roughly time it excluding your typing time. We use time alot to know which HTML files are freshest (most recently edited) and need quantonic English language remediation and PC vis-à-vis MAC targeting. We are learning now how to automate that process (i.e., as soon as a new HTML file appears in its master directory, we need to run all apropos processes on it automatically, instead of manually as we do now) and make it fairly transparent.

Nope, no puns... J

Unix and OS X are so powerful and flexible you can do this many omniffering ways: as aliases, as Perl script, as Apple Script, as Terminal command line script, etc.

Recently we started running Apache (built in to OS X) on our laptop. We use it to serve our own intra laptop Quantonics site. Apache does everything our ISP Apache does, including accesslog generation. This was so easy to do, it simply blew our quantum stages into cloud nineland! Just awesome. We can do nearly a total quality test of our site prior to ISP uploading. A freebee is that now all our Macs and PCs are locally served with latest Quantonics site content. Local users see content development in progress prior delivery!!! Wow! We got a little help from our friends at Mac OS X Hints. Thanks so much Hayne, et al.


On inflation...

Inflation, of course, on a scale of USA's economy isn't a trivial thing to 'measure,' and we admit that costs of large items, excepting some items like autos and houses, appear to be holding very still. Recall that 1970s inflation exploded when fuel prices at least doubled. Why isn't that happening now?

One consideration appears to be that nearly all of our manufacturing jobs have been exported and offshore labor costs, at least for a few decades, are roughly a tenth of what they would be in USA. Shipping has to be relatively cost insensitive if cost of goods is down by a factor of ten. That is what we see as offsetting and masking a genuine USA inflation. The folks who mow our yard are Latino and their fees are at least half of what an American crew would cost. Ditto bricklayers, et al.

But have you noticed how your stick of deodorant has dropped from at least 3.5 oz. to almost 2 oz.? Have you seen plastic bag count dropping? Decreasing thickness of your floss? Countless other examples are there to see if and when we choose to look. 18 packs of beer instead of 24. Litres liquor instead of quarts (this one is a little different in that prices were over adjusted upwards).

Our home has doubled in price in 10 years.

Seems our government isn't telling us whole story on inflation, doesn't it?

Society is evil, at least from our perspectives it is. Society exploits individuals to advantage of the few. This is another example. We were raised as capitalist conservative republicans. In retrospect it's a terrible way to raise a child: to believe that society is good and that free enterprise is really free...

Bushes are liars, but so are their political counterparts. It's nearing timings for major changings folks.

Doug - 5Jul2005.


See you here again in early August, 2005!




The Quantonics Society appreciates your support.


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