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 2008 TQS News


Pirsig vav Jung on EIMA of mind~body


No more TQS News for 2008, and none expected for future years.

  2007 TQS News

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A Novel
in Town...
Parallels on MACInTao,
Latest Review Efforts,
Quantum Computing Breakthrough,
State of Union Lies...
Apple-TV Network Hologram,
Wheeler's Delayed Double-Slit,
Should String Theory Predict?
Light as Gn¤stic Choice, Gn¤stic Ch¤¤sings,
William James' on "Pessimism vav Optimism"
G5 Quad Increased Performance,
Elgato's EyeTV Hybrid
Doug shouldn't beat up on Hillary Clinton, says Mitch in Australia and other criticisms, and
A response to Mitch from DMD.
A Quantum Love Affair,
Elgato EyeTV Hybrid,
Females in Medicine

FireFox Issue, A letter from Rick,

Doug saved best for last...

Doug's Review Progress Jolly's Fast VNC,
Dionne's Liberal Moment, and Defining Wisdom.
On A Super Weapon against Earth, On Apple's OS X Leopard, Pirsig vis-à-vis Dewey and Hume "...embraces radical scepticism..." ?
 Fact is not Value Thomas Gospel #86                    

 2006 TQS News

DMD Upsets Isoorganization
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Aside on Topos

When Isosymmetry Breaks

 One of God's Greatest Gifts

 Thomas Gospel 22

Exegetic Quantum Linguistics
 2005 TQS News

de Broglie's
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(Movie List) (Eutha


"Anti Contradiction Does Not Equal Absolute Truth"


A Newer Question
Three Interim Response



See Et in Arcadia Ego.

(Classical Social
Patterns of Value
See Doug's
aside on quantum~respect.
 2004 TQS News  
 2003 TQS News

Be Careful SQ

See 'affectation.'

2002 TQS News You may be interested in reviewing Doug's verbose quantum~political views of five years ago. See September 2002 TQS News On Politics.
2001 TQS News
2000 TQS News
1999 TQS News Rev - 12Feb2015 - Doug. Mostly made changes to "A litany of quantum change for Millennium III" page top table. Cleaned up page and made it current. Table updates are very important, in Doug's opine.
 1998 TQS News


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