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A Sepher Yetsiral Quantum Hologralexology
Autiot M Words and Phrases


Doug Renselle

Commencing June, 2014






















Hologralex™ M Words Index

Maim - Living energy

Maym - "waters"

Maim Merouahh - Living energy, waters of breath Mashkani - Biosphere's (living waters') cosmic breathing holograilically into quantized life existence Meedron - Slope, gradient, especially gradience of change, gradience of freedom
Meod - Good, Aleph in 'us' cosmic~sphered and Meraphe - Quantum health as a cure for dialectical mental dis ease Met - Death Meshanah ...B[V]ayt~Aleph - Evolving cosmic energy as Ben~Aleph

Meyshareem - Quantum~Beings

New! - 26-27Feb2016.

Minshiqot - Cosmic energy clouds, as quanta of water (dust) cowithin spirit, having traversed their guantlets of chautauqua, fertilizing their comtainers Mosheh - First born of YahWeh: "Fire in Water!" Myayeen [Myyn] - Wine from a vine usually associated with spirit[s]ually divine Quality

Hologralex™ M Words' Content




(From Suares' opus including his Second Coming of Reb YhShWh, and Cipher of Genesis.)


Living energy


Living energy

Maim (Mem~Yod~Mem: 40.10.40)


Water as the prime element. Alchemically water may be emerqing phases, e.g., vapor, dew (ros, quantized 'water dust' as clouds which may be quiescent and turbulent, and which may have multiple chaoticq strangeq attractorsq:), drops (rain, snowflakes), liquid (strange attractors: still, frozen, solitonic, and turbulent: stindyanicity)

40 (Mem) as maternal waters in which all life originates

10 (Yod) as Aleph's antinomial projection in existence...Yod may be living, Yod may be dead. When Yod abides Aleph Yod has Hay. When Yod disavows Aleph Yod has death. Qabala: Aleph~Hay~Yod~Hay: the game of life. Here Yod is projected as potentially living maternal water.

40 as maternal waters in which all life originates

Biosphere's (livingq watersq') cosmic breathing holograilically into quantized life existence

Mashkani (Mem~Sheen~Kaf~Noun~Yod:

Mem as living waters AKA 'biosphere of life.'

Sheen as cosmic breath, quantized~breath[e]ings, spiritual breath.

Kaf as cup~hand~grail~pipe~tunnel~aqueduct of (our) quantum~body's Noun~Yod quantum~wave~functionings.

Noun as living quantization of our material being's fermionicity.

Yod as (Bayt~like) con(m)tainment of our ensemble quantum~fermionicity.

First word in Song of Songs' verse four.

Living energy,
waters of breath

Living energy,
waters of breath

Maim Merouahh


Maim (40.10.40)

Merouahh (

life~living, waters

energy, breath

condensation of living energy

Try using Doug's Y~cloud strange attractors metaphor re vaporization and condensation of ros (dew) to understand (standunder) Suares' "con(m)densation of living energy." Doug's parentheticals. Doug - 2Jun2014.

Slope, gradient, especially gradience of change, gradience of freedom

Meedron (Mem~Dallet~Raysh~Waw~finalNoun:

Mem - Existential biosphere's...

Dallet - management of openings and closings...

  • Assess Mem similarly Dallet, and
  • assess Tav similarly Dallet in its change management role as vital impedance.

Raysh - its cosmic con(m)tainer...

Waw - ...fecundates its...

finalNoun - ...cosmic gradiencings of change and freedom.

Meedron actually measures gradience of change, gradience of freedom.

Dallet~Mem~Tav (4.40.400 columnar triple) archetypically, existentially, and cosmically act as thermodynamic rate of change managers of antinomial~complementary energy flowings through all quantum~gateways in reality.

Doug has written that "chaos [as a gradience of change proxy] manages equilibrium."

In this word, Meedron, we see Mem using Dallet in Dallet's gradience management role.

For a terrific exemplar of Dallet as a gradience manager, study Doug's Hologralexology™ of Toledot.




(From Suares' opus including his Second Coming of Reb YhShWh, and Cipher of Genesis.)


Good, Aleph in 'us' cosmic~sphered and Dalleted in us

Good, Aleph in 'us' cosmic~sphered and Dalleted in us

Good, Aleph in 'us' cosmic~sphered and Dalleted in us

Good, Aleph in 'us' cosmic~sphered and Dalleted in us

Tov~Meod ("Very good.")


Meod (Mem~Aleph~Dallet: 40.1.4)

Mem - A middle~including quantum~comtainer which is often referred as "biological sphere." Doug's animate semiotic for "biological sphere" issi . See an embellishment of that semiotic based upon Suares' interpretation of first few verses in Genesis I.

Aleph - Here we see Aleph.1 biosphered and doored twixt Mem and Dallet, twixt two resistances: 40 and 4.

Dallet - A door which resists Aleph's vital impetus latter implemented in another double loop (two lives) biospheric life~death~cycle evolvingq resistance (impedancingsq) of Mem itself.

Suares keeps reminding us that lifeq cannot beq without a Song of Song's Lila~qwf~music of vitalityq and impedanceq. Impedanceq issi an imperativeq of learningq, learningq howq to copeq, learningq howq to surviveq via adaptiveq evolutionq, honingq an evolutionarily~survivable~strategyq, ESSq.

"Dialectic, Go to hell!"

Double resistance as used by Suares has countless "two [middle~including, everywhere~associative] lives" sema.

Let's start a list here:

  • Autiot as two lives, Aut and Iot,
  • Dodidod as two resistances, Dodi and IDod, respectively two lives of YhShWh (livingFather elohim, Hær lover) and YahWeh (deadFather demiurge, Hær rejection),
  • Aleph as vital impetus of two perpetually sempiternal cyclic livings: 1 - livings, 2 - dyings,
  • Two lives: Shæ, Hæ.
  • Two lives: Breathing in, breathing out,
  • Two lives: Bayt, Vayt and Yodding their finals: Beyn, Veyn,
  • Two lives: All seven doubles,
  • Two lives: Aleph, Bayt,
  • Two lives: Aleph, Yod,
  • Two lives: quanton(Aleph,Yod) (Yod abides Aleph), dichon(Aleph, Yod) (Yod denies Aleph),
  • Two lives: construction, destruction,
  • Two lives: evolution, devolution,
  • Two lives: scintillation, quanta,
    (Look at all 'two lives' antinomialsq on right side of that illustration.)
  • Two lives: fermions, bosons (material and light),
  • Two lives: quantons(antinomial1,antinomial2),
  • Two lives: quantons(n¤nactuality,actuality,
  • Two lives: quantons(right_chiraltyq,left_chiraltyq)
  • Etc.

We gradually begin to fathom a n¤væl quantum~revelation: all EIMA double lives are pairwise (QLO PBing Quantum~Assessment) antinomialq signaturesq of Qabala as "Ehieh Esher Ehieh," i.e., "Qabala sanctions Qabala" as Qabala issi Aleph~Hay~Yod~Hay generic for two lives EIMAing one another hologra[[il][lex][m][ph][view]]ically:

  1. Aleph~Living,
  2. Yod~living.

Qabala's quantum~antinomial essence, its signature as Moses' quantum~revelation issi two~lives!

In his Second Coming of Reb YhShWh,

We observe there Suares' Qabalic assessment of " as direct experience of immortal consciousness." Chapter 2, p. 5.

Refer Suares' Cipher of Genesis, p. 89, Chapter 7, Weiser Books, 2005.

Quantum health as a cure for dialectical mental dis ease

Meraphe (Mem~Raysh~Phay~Aleph:

Mem - Dallet's antinomial projection ihn existence, with Mem playing its role of existential biosphere of all life existence,

Raysh - cosmically comtained ihn cosmos' open plenum,

Phay - Hhayt's antinomial projection ihn existence offering those who can understand a perception of unlimited possibilityings of,

Aleph - vital~impetus.

A Doug heuristic comes from his retranslation efforts of Proverbs IV 22 and goes like this:

Quantum health issi "...existential biosphere (you, one of many having qua of) perceiving unlimited possibilityings of vital~impetus."

A key meme here issi Ben Adam.

Ben Adam issi "evolution of Aleph ihn blood."

A nexus which may n¤t be ignored ihn Proverbs is that blood must flow so that Adam (and all of life) can live. So guarding one's heart (see Proverbs IV 23 retranslation) is crucial since it as life's existential metabolism guards one's life.

See Proverbs IV 22-27. Doug is retranslating all of Proverbs IV. See his retranslation of Proverbs IV 22.






Meyshareem (Mem~Yod~Sheen~Raysh~Yod~finalMem: 40.10.300.200.10.600)

Mem - in a cavitational ascendant relation with finalMem

Yod - appearing "nature likes to hide" twice, divinely as nestings of com(n)ceptionings and evolveings of quantum~beings

Sheen - cowithihn a cavitational descendant quantum~hologral~relation with Raysh, and

Raysh - cowithihn a reverberationings descendant quantum~hologral~relation with Sheen

finalMem - resonant cosmic~biosphereings of all three levels of cavitation in this word.

Doug - 26-27Feb2016.

Doug cannot recall well, but it appears now, to Doug that this may be first time he has realized that Shyar~Raysh as Sheen~Raysh and Raysh~Shyar as Raysh~Sheen issi a palindromic resonant cavity.

We see that in column right assa ~{300 200}~.

Its antinomial mirror reversal too issi a resonant cavity.

As we see in Meyshareem...

(recall that Autiot text flows right to left and Doug's spelled~out Meyshareem issi Anglican left to right) energy flows from Sheen through Raysh which issi unambiguous both ihn Autiot and English.

This flow of energyings issi very important, which Suares emphasizes. Why? After Tav's cavitational mirrorings of reverberationings of breathing~out fluxoid one, Sheen~Raysh resurrects (re~births) Aleph. Note that Qof issi next in energy flow order after Raysh (Tav then Sheen, then Raysh, then Qof).

Note too that Qof issi "cosmic~Aleph," AKA "cosmic~vital~impetus." Qof.100 issi reborne first, next Yod.10, then Aleph.1.

Antinomially then, qwf~energyings flow from Raysh to Sheen when we see that center ~{300 200}~ cavity's Aut words reversed. Meyshareem then would be re~spelled~out as Meyrasheem (Meyrashym).

Then do semantics for those two words change. Yæs!

Meyrasheem corresponds Atta reality loop's "breathing~out" ascendant spin 1/2 fluxodynamic~energyings quantum~metabolic~fluxoid zero.

Meyshareem corresponds Atta reality loop's "breathing~ihn" descendant spin 1/2 fluxodynamic~energyings quantum~metabolic~fluxoid one.

You may choose to think of those spin 1/2 fluxodynamic~energyings being embedded cowithihn an omnispatial hologral open~plenum of QED bosonic~quantum~message qubital scintillators. See spin 1/2, spin 1 quantons(scin,quan) interrelationshipings at that link. Ihn human sensory bandwidths those spin 1 fluxings tend to be light, sound, heat, etc.

See Doug's Giving Ille Sema to Autiot renditions of Raysh and Sheen.

Doug - 26-27Feb2016.

This word appears, first time to Doug, in Song of Songs Book I, Verse 4, Word 13.

We can use QCS™ to parse quantum~fluxodynamic sema of this word, Meyshareem (Meysharym) like this:

~{40 ~{10 ~{300 200}~ 10}~ ~600}~ ~{~{iso1000}~}~

40.~{cowithihn ~existential~biosphereings~

columnar ascendant three~level nested~coherent fractal~recurseings qwf~cavitationings of


bilateral two~level divine h¤l¤grahlly~c¤herænt~nestings qwf~cavitationings of


single~level palindromic Shyar~Raysh "nature likes to hide" qwf~cavitationings
dynamically~resonating cowithihn self~other~mirrorings, we are Quantum~Beings, and
our single~level palindromic relentlessly evolveings Shyar~Raysh "nature likes to hide" qwf~reverberationings of


bilateral two~level divine h¤l¤grahlly~c¤herænt~nestings qwf~reverberationings of


columnar ascendant three~level nested~coherent fractal~recurseings qwf~reverberationings of


all three quantum wave~functionings assa a quantum~being~triple~divinity of nested levels evolveings cowithihn Iht


Doug - 26-27Feb2016.



Met, also Mawt (Mem~Tav: 40.400)

Mem - Organic movement as biological, waves of water, waves of air, waves of dust, waves of birds, waves of light, waves of flux, waves of life, etc. Sphere of organic life.

Tav - Aleph's echo mirror which may play two roles:

  • a perfect mirror sustaining life as status quo, and
  • a leaky end which permits life to age, decay, and eventually end.

It helps to understand (standunder) Aleph~Tav as breathing~out part of Aleph's life~death cycle. Then grasp Aleph~Tav as a resonant cavity sustaining life by imposing breathing~out's echo, its reflection sustaining 'life' as a status quo life then death then life perpetual and ubiquitous cycle. In other words Met is always tentative unless one (Yod) rejects Aleph.

Also see Em - mother, and Emet - truth (as an evolutionary process, always changing and changing all). Emet isn't classical. Emet issi quantum!




(From Suares' opus including his Second Coming of Reb YhShWh, and Cipher of Genesis.)


Cosmic energy clouds, as quanta of water (dust) cowithin spirit, having traversed their guantlets of chautauqua, fertilizing their comtainers

Cosmic energy clouds, as quanta of water (dust) cowithin spirit, having traversed their guantlets of chautauqua, fertilizing their comtainers

Minshiqot (Mem~Noun~Sheen~Qof~Tav: 40.50.300.100.400)

Mem - vapor, water~dust, cloud, etc

Noun - Quanta of lifeq, Hay's antinomial actual projectionings (unbounded quanta and their perpetual and ubiquitous scintillationings)

Sheen - cosmic energyingsq of exalted life

Qof - Aleph exalted as deathless (i.e., n¤t Mawt~Hamawt, n¤t ESQ)

T[h]av - exalted (Aleph~mirror) comtainerq (life~death's movement and rest, its breathing~out (sometimes leaky, permeable) boundary) of all quantum~energyings

Second word of second verse of Song of Songs.

Mem~Noun~Sheen is quantum~water~vapor dust providing a gauntlet for Qof~Waw~Tav.

Qof~Waw~Tav found its way through its local onionq (cloudq) as Qof fecundating (as vital~impetusq) Tav.

In Sepher Yetsira Qof~Waw~Tav may be viewedq (cipheredq) as tongue. We may interpret, "...Qof~Waw~Tav as tongue speakingq with vaporsq of cloudsq as livingq words of livingq breathq." We will see that Tav (from Minshiqot) projectsq itself onto third word in second verse of Song of Songs: Peehou.

Doug likes to thinkq of Qof's unusual role here (usually viewed as Caheen (Cain)), "destroyerq of illusionsc," being usedq in another role of part of tongue idiom speakingq eloquentlyq in part of verse two, cipher two. Qof is making a romanticq drama betterq vocallyq!

Above, Doug is using idiom in a quantum~sense of 'tongue' as one's own, one's personal~individualq hermeneutic of tongue. Doug issi livingq Qabala, pneumaticallyq.

We find some simile with stones as tells of an entry to a very challenging grail wayvings.

Somewhat like a tunnel to awe, "Death is the road to awe," movie The Fountain. Stones mark tunnel's (grail's) entrance. "What shall you do?" Jesus asking the questions whose unlimited potentia appear as Peircean abductive hypotheses. "Which hypothis[ei]s will you choose?" Severalty of choosings appears as stochastic plausibilityings. "Where's your 12, where shall you point your action?"

Recall Sefirot and its four branches: Emanations, Creation, Formation, Action.

Choiceq of Actionq: áatholißs call it 'heresy.' For nearly two millennia, áatholißs have attempted to kill all heretics. To áatholißs, unbelievably, Jesus was a heretic! Mary Magdalene too! Qabala tells us heresyq is freedomq, and it is worth dyingq for. "Live free or die." State logo, New Hampshire.

Recall how áatholißs martyred both Peter and Paul, among millions of others. Due their heresy?

So... "What will you d¤?"

Couch potatoes have already decided. Their BAD (Binary Alternative Denial: dialectic's ESQ deadlinessq: Mawt~Hamawt).

Doug has listened to áatholißs braying, "I knowc whatc Ic believec. It's objectivec. It's staticc, deadc. It is concretec. It is conservativec. Orthodoxyc, dogmac and OSFA provincialismc is 'truthc.' All dialectical BS. Jesus called (callsq) it "Satan, Error." Jesus called death-petrifying Peter, "Satan." AKA, "the Rock." A concrete DIQhead. Doug's opine based upon much quantum~research and ~thought.

First born of YahWeh: "Fire in Water!"

First born of YahWeh: "Fire in Water!"

First born of YahWeh: "Fire in Water!"

First born of YahWeh: "Fire in Water!"
Index Mosheh (Mem~Sheen~Hay: 40.300.5), Moshay...

Mem- existential antinomial projection of its D[Th]allet archetype; water as originator (d¤¤r ¤pæner, viz. clouds, e.g., as water dust, water quanta) of Qabalic evolutionaryq quantum~existence. Gaffney made it clear to Doug that "the Waters" is another way of saying "humanity," Jesus' Essene Gnostic churchq.

Sheen - n¤nexistential exaltation of archetype Gh[Dj]imel: organic breath of existential cosmos' exhalation and inhalation; cosmicq Hæ~Shæ (scalableq from Planck's rate to cosmic ensembleq proportions...) hermaphroditicq breathing~outq (masculine, ^, 6, emanations, E) and breathing~inq (feminine, v, 9, creation, C) perpetuallyq, ubiquitouslyq. Observe, in the three spheres of masculinity (1,4,5), '1' is emanations (E). Obtain, in three spheres of feminity (2,3,6), '6' is creation (C) and also complementaryq~antinomialq hermaphroditicallyq masculine '6' penile. Crux? Quantons(femaleq,maleq). As C. G. Jung surmised adroitlyq, maleq issi ihn femaleq (animus) and femaleq issi ihn maleq (anima). Doug suggests you do a www search on <Jung animus> and watch Utoob videos. Enlighteningq! Ostense your fathomingq here with ubiquitousq mitochondrial feminityq as an implicitq of creationq (C).

Hay - life existence' archetype.

Mosheh is symbolic of Qabala's earthly [fiery] (re)emergence.

Unsaid, but attending Qabala of course, are (Doug's opine) five other pointsq of Qabala's immanent hermaphroditicq Star: Autiot, Gematria, Sepher Yetsira, Sephirot, and Gnosis.

From any initiated Qabalist's perspectiveq Mosheh is key, an architectonicq, i.e., an quantum~emerscitectonic, of Qabala itself. We are presented this proemially nascent livingq memeq (which, really, never 'dies' in any sensec of Mawt~Hamawt: see Aleph re its perpetual and ubiquitous vital impetus) via Mosheh's own tongue in his immediate and empirical response to Exodus 3, 13: he does so in Exodus 3, 14.

See Doug's hologralexology of Qabala.

Re Exodus 3, 13's burning bush, Suares writes in his exegesis of Song of Songs:

"Mosheh's mission is now fully revealed to him, but he still does not know whose voice it is that speaks to him. (Exod. III, 13) When I come unto the children of Israel. . .and they shall say to me, what is his name? what shall I say to them? And here come the prodigious revelation, the splendid, the dazzling truth: 'Aleph~Hay~Yod~Hay. Aleph~Sheen~Raysh. Aleph~Hay~Yod~Hay.'" See page 32.

As we have learned and written elsewhere it means: "Qabala witnesses~self~other~con(m)firms Qabala." Doug's surprise at this expression's (phasementing'sq) quantum~recursive~fractal SOrONing coherentq yet autonomousq (gnosticq, selfq~managingq, . . .) quintessenceq blewdled his noodle. An epiphanyq par excellence. Understood, Qabalistically, it is Pirsig's Arètè, martus aritos, gnosticallyq itself.

Wine from a vine usually associated with spirit[s]ually divine Quality

Myayeen (Mem~Yod~Yod~finalNoun:

Mem - Existential biosphere's

Yod - divine produce (e.g., grapes)

finalNoun - cosmically quantized, cosmically free, cosmically uncertain, cosmically peaceful, etc.

See Kerem. See Proverbs IV:17 word 5.




(From Suares' opus including his Second Coming of Reb YhShWh, and Cipher of Genesis.)


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