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A Sepher Yetsiral Quantum Hologralexology
Autiot C Words and Phrases


Doug Renselle

Commencing June, 2014


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Tselev - Cross

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(From Suares' opus including his Second Coming of Reb YhShWh, and Cipher of Genesis.)









Index Tselev (Tayt~Seen~Aleph~Lammed~Vayt: 9.300.1.30.2)

Hermeneutics of this Letter~Number are (at least to Doug) very unusual. Suares has 'used' Tselev in a number of ways which desnouer layered complexities. N¤t to be surprised by this 'onion affect,' but to grasp how antinomialismq and complementarityq of each layer seem (more than Doug expected) to be so disparate and omniffering.

See Doug's waves of complementaryq~antinomialismq as an perpetual~ubiquitous cycle~of~life~death (Aleph's role) exemplar here.

For example, in his Cipher of Genesis Suares writes, "The cross is alive." See his Trilogy, Cipher of Genesis, pp. 208-209, Shambala, paperback, 1976.

By a strange kind of antihn¤mial~c¤mplæmæntary~vis-à-vis, in Chapters 8, 12, 16, and 18 of his Second Coming of Reb YhShWh, Suares omniscribes 'the' cross (in a comtext of Jesus' suffering for all of us, in all of us, perpetuallyq and ubiquitouslyq) as a kind of Vayt comtainer which we must break via our own Bayt to enter pure comsciousness and commence our next iteration's adventureq, our cyclicq adventureq.

Specifically Suares portrays Jesus' death at crucifixion as his own awakening to an actuality that his body is(was) a cross which tended to keep his consciousness trapped in a shell (metaphor of cross as solid comtainment, a sebakah (net), a SOM's Box of only partial consciousnessc) which when broken allowed him to experience cosmic~comsciousnessq in its fullness directly and immediately. This process Jesus describes as a stage (graduation) of (onion like layers) spiritual maturity preparing each of us for subsequent iterations (life cycles) Aleph's many adventures in Qabala (Game of Life).

You must read those chapters to more deeply experience what Doug is attempting to briefly narrate here. (It isn't easy!)

So what is 'cross' in Autiot as Tselev?

Tayt - a cell

Seen - whose internals are focused on a limited consciousness of material reality as solid, formal, mechanical, dialectical, etc.

Aleph - a presence of cosmic~comsciousness in each individual to which we are blindered by cell's material focus and a solid model of an unreal actuality

Lammed - projected organic movement of a kind of running on limited automatic: an empty life

Vayt - cell's shell which we must break (die in our own words; destroy our cross) to fathom perpetual~ubiquity of cosmic~comsciousness' Ayn~Sof, its Zayn, its infinity and unlimited potentia.

Doug - 20Aug2014.

Over simply, Vayt~Bayt cycles are Aleph's steam~rolling hammer~anvil "cross burden" put on all of us forcing us to struggle so that we may evolve and iteratively graduate our own (individual) levels of our spiritual maturities. We call it, "Ha Qabala, The Game of Life." Carl Jung calls it "Libido," "Love Triumphant."

Our biggest advantage in having qua to accomplish this, if only granular-quantum Aleph ihn Blood (Mark Gaffney's Gnostic Secret of the Naassenes: Gospel of Mary Magdalene, Last Supper Farewell Discourse quotations of Jesus) which isn't possible for us as individuals when we do not perceiveq our immerscenceq in cosmicq comsciousnessq.

Classical 'living' then becomes in Quantonics' Script, dichon(consciousnessc, consciousnessc). This is a blindered living bearing a cross burden of dialectical thought which traps us in SOM's Box, a net, a web of only partialc (in the box) dialectically-contained solid, material, 'rational' and 'linear' OSFA consciousnessc. Modern religion, academe and culture train us to be in their box.

Quantum~living then becomes in Quantonics' Script, quanton(consciousnessq,consciousnessq).

Doug had never, prior, thought of a cross as a mental entrapment as described by Suares.

Doug - 20Aug2014.

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