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This is our May, 2007 editorial

Our editorials are often provocative; if we offend you, do not read them - Doug.

These editorials are Doug's opinions, n¤t the opinions.

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Every citizen should own and be trained, at a bare minimum, in use of hand guns!

If most of Virginia Tech's students and professors were trained to use, certified, licensed and carrying registered 9mm automatics, how many do you think that sociopathic hokie-skunk would have killed? He probably wouldn't have even tried that stunt...

Doug keeps telling you that society is inept at protecting individuals. Society can't think! Only individuals can think and act real time.

It is insecure when those of us who are capable of protecting ourselves and others are societally discouraged from doing so. In Doug's view it is antintotic to prohibit individuals from protecting themselves!

Socialists - you are evolving yourselves out of existence via your ineptnesses, stupidities, your vain belief in and your self-proclamation of sovereignty above individuals.

Doug - 27-29Apr2007.

Here's a really interesting observation about global warming which nearly everyone appears to be overlooking.

If you pay attention to recent National Geographic reports on ice sheet and glacial dissipation, what do they show (vis-à-vis, what do film narrators say)?

Their videos show that most warming is coming, n¤t from atmosphere, but from Earth's mantle!

Heads up, errrr...ummm...down, folks!

Political correctness claims atmosphere. Visual observation shows mantle.
(while our solar system's 63 million year journey around Milky-Way modulates all planets'
galactic weathers massively; e.g., Mars is losing its south polar ice cap now as Doug writes this.)

Some types of galactic and stellar radiation heat Earth without directly affecting atmosphere
(similar how your microwave oven cooks without direct affects on surrounding air other than by convection), and
Earth's core is in a massive process of polar inversion as we speak.

Global warming 'caused' uniquely by human borne CO2 is just another political sociotic!

Doug - 28-29Apr2007.

Did you see McCain's sociopathic "Bomb, bomb, bomb,...bomb, bomb, Iran" on YouTube?

McCain: political war mongering mercenary scum.

This DIQhead wants to be president of USA??? We say, "We don't need no more John Bu()sh() McCains for president!"

McCain's response to us, "Get a life."

But funda fascist Republican'ts intend, "Kill a life."

Political hegemony, to any Republican't entails killing! They're just like Muslims.

As Winnie Pooh said so long ago, "We have met da enemy and he is US."

McCain, you and Bu()sh()'s disadministration are public enemy number 1!

Republican'ts "Go to hell!"

Doug - 19-20Apr2007.

Don't you think Alec Baldwin and Mel Gibson are two prime candidates to strand on a deserted island together?

Their marvelous çatholic conversations probably would sound like expletive rap: "Pig Ho, Jew Ho, Ga No, Pa No, Yo Po, Yo Yo, Ho Ho, Ja Lo, Mo Ho, Go Ho, Lo Ho, Hi Ho, Po Ho, No Mo, Go Fo, Mo Fo, To Fo,..., etc., etc." Narrated to some music like "I got rhythm..."

Not exactly seven dwarfs, though, is it?

Not exactly a soup question is it?

Society says, "Super glue and duct tape please! You cannot say what we don't want you to say. We'll tell you what is OK to say, and you can only say that!"

Doug - 20Apr2007.

Obama has really blown it!

He's for best pal Jesse "Hymietown" Jackson and he's against Don "Nappy Ho, Ho, Ho" Imus. Pure bigotry! Pure hypocrisy!

What a antintotically socio-correct fuxSTIQ!

(Actually Doug believes that whites have earned most of this treatment, but
in a way Doug expects blacks to show their higher abilities to rise above whites,
similar as Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and Josephine Baker.
Similar as Gandhi. Similar as Gn¤stic Jesus...)

(Whites have a lot of payback, mostly due Çatholic "Crusades and Inquisitions," coming from Muslims, too!)

Doesn't that just "Hot up" an already miserable race war?

Doug's list of which Democrat to vote for now eliminates both Obama and Hilarious.

Are all social politicians intrinsically hypocrites? Phonies? Actors? Pretenders? Illegitimates? Invalids? Twidlos? Twildos? Users? Chameleons?

Where are individual statesmen and individual stateswomen?

When was last time we saw, knew an individual politician? About 2017 years ago...(white) Roman Çatholics' predecessors crucified him for his gnostic individualism, his defiance of antintotic authority!


They're just like us, human... ...although, we must beware and compare dialectical-hypocrisy,

(Note: scales of justice only have two state-ic arms...)

and quantum~sophism which can appear as hypocrisy.

(phasic omnitors of quantum~justice are dynamically~ephemeral; and note: Imus gets this, Rutgers doesn't.)


USA folk have such a long list of hates, it makes us wonder...

John Edwards is looking better and better...but is he a closet-hater too? His Anglican WASPish heritage, wealth, and success are both advantages and burdens.

Edwards' opinion on abortion places society above individual, which is a major political faux pas in Doug's opinion. Of course Dem's. are almost all socialists, and as a result they commit that same faux pas of placing society, illegitimately and n¤n evolutionarily above individual. To make this easy, society is servant, n¤t lord. Society works for ensembles of individuals, but politicians conveniently, logically, scientifically, and politically forget that...society is but substrate, n¤t more.

Think about that! Ensembles of individuals really cann¤t be what socialists mean by 'society.'
Marx was on to something here but he blew it just like Parmenides, Plato, and Aristotle, et al.! How Doug?
That's easy to answer. All failures of human thought and 'reason' share a common malady: Dialectic! AKA Error!

However, do you really believe women will abide a 'Supreme' Court decision which takes away their individual rights? They intuit their right, as individuals, to break da 'law.' Keep in mind, 'law' is only, and can never be more than 'dialectical opinion,' that's all! Worse, it's mostly 'çatholic' — i.e., a tragedy of commons sense —opinion, which is always quintessentially Aristotelian-dialectical. Our legal system has to imagine what happens after about a dozen women have been jailed for abortion. Say "goodbye" to self, legal system...

Opinion: Doug is against abortion, but proportionately in favor more of individual human rights 'legally' above societal rights. Doug disrespects women who have vanity abortions, but Doug respects their individual rights to do so.

Toward better, these women by aborting their own spawn are removing their
evolved anti-fecundity tendencies from humanity's rapidly evolving exegene pool.

Too, Doug disrespects any notion of societal rights above individual rights. To Doug social sovereignty is its own antisociotic. So, in Doug's opinion, Supreme Court, if it is 'judicious,' will find ways to offer fetuses their own individual rights. Then our argument evolves into an court issue of whether a individual mother's rights are individually above her unborn child's individual rights. Notice how 'reason' here becomes much simpler and locally specific...n¤t a OSFA legal 'social' opinion which must be applied to an entire society as globally, çatholically, universally generic. Political essence evaporates! Individual essence blossoms! There are n¤ precedents, n¤ traditional legal 'social' history. Çatholic (i.e., Sathanic, anti Cathar, anti Gn¤stic, anti heretical (i.e., anti individual choice), anti quantum), antintotically viscous, immutable, canonic, concrete, perpetual 'state,' perpetual 'stux,' OSFA notions melt away...

(Society, when we take that approach, is n¤ longer an issue except as an ethical court process,
itself wholly quantum~uncertain, evolutionary and adaptable, which serves all individuals.

(A process based upon ManySFA individual rights and freedoms; see MSFA.

(Taking away a woman's right as an individual is an issue of social sovereignty above individuals.
To Doug that is wr¤ng, on its face and constitutionally...but that same woman's individual rights,
similarly in Doug's view, do n¤t supersede her fetus' individual rights.
As society respects a woman's individual rights,
so too a woman ought1 respect her fetus' rights.)

In Doug's opinion, unborns should have individual rights!!! But society cann¤t protect them, can it? Society, except in expressing opinion, is inept, period! Doug's Dad wanted Doug's Mom to abort Doug. In that light, a higher Value, more evolved 'law' should reign which protects individuals.

(N¤t 'law' which 'protects society;' Any claim of 'societal protection' is tragically-commonly and indelibly-inept on its face, isn't it?)

Society, due its self-proclaimed sovereignty, is antithetical individual freedom: evidenced by its own favoring of social 'law' above individual 'law.' Our legal system must evolve to arbitrate individual rights and dump socialists' desire to 'protect and serve' vulgio opinio error society's rights. Societies are simple dialectical abstractions which have n¤ rights! Doug believes we should abort anti-individual abstractions of society, n¤t fetuses!

As soon as these quantum MoQ memes take hold as grass roots issues, social politicians of all dialectical stripes beware!

1 Our use of 'ought' here is relevant, you may recall, Hume's Law. However, quantumly, ought offers DMDian internexial EIMA holographic attractor~ensemblings among heterogeneous factings and Valuings. Doug - 29Apr2007.

As you can see Doug both agrees and disagrees with John Edwards: quanton(agree,disagree); however, Doug's respect for John's position and John's courage in taking it, to Doug, place Edwards above both Obama and Hillary. Let's hope John's religious fundamentalism isn't fascist like Bu()sh()'s. But you know, fascism and 'political correctness' are birds of a feather. Both place society above individual(s).

Doug - 12-20Apr2007.

Bu()sh()'s continued presence as ersatz-president is a greater threat to USA security than an Iraqi troop pullout-redeployment.

Bu()sh() is insecure!

Cheney is insecure!

Humpty Rovety is insecure!

Homeland security is insecure!

Bu()sh()'s cabinet is insecure!

Republican'ts "Go to hell!" All ya'all are demonstrably incompetent!

In Doug's view, history will show that Bu()sh()'s presidency is treachery.

Politically, it's better to keep him in office full term, though, to make that irrefutably evident. More massive Bu()sh() fuxups imminent!

Republican't's are 'hasbeeeeen' dunners...

Doug's opinions, n¤t the opinions.

Doug - 19Apr2007.

You will n¤t find 'god' in any OSFA church. You will n¤t find 'god' in any OSFA religion. You will only find G¤d by searching within your own self and being.



"Doug, you arrogant bastard, how can you write junk like that?"

It isn't junk!

As partial clarification of our normative we can quote Elaine Pagels' 2003 Beyond Belief,

"According to Irenæus, it is heresy to assume that human experience is analogous to divine reality, and to infer that each one of us, by exploring our own experience, may discover intimations of truth about God."

and nearby,

"But Irenæus himself believed that, on the contrary, whatever we might say about our own experience has nothing to do with God..."
Page 145 of 257 total, including index, Beyond Belief, Vintage paperback, 2003.

Irenæus: c. ad 130­ c. 200), Greek theologian. He wrote Against Heresies ( c. 180), a detailed attack on Gnosticism. Feast day (Eastern Church) August 23; (Western Church) June 28.
Reference: Apple's (Oxford) Dictionary Thesaurus.

Irenæus was he who decided which gospels should appear in the 'authorized' New Testament, especially Matthew, Mark, Luke (synoptics) and John (see Pagels' Johannine Gospel in Gnostic Exegesis).

Irenæus, in Doug's opinion, is just a dialectical hegemon. He wanted a 'catholic' OSFA, authoritarian, totalitarian religion whose priests rule and control a hylic flock. Irenæus re-engineered gnostic~Jesus into an dialectical anti-Christ. Of course he was aided by Paul-Saul himself in this process, among others. Paul misnamed and mislabeled gnostic Jesus as both a faux dialectical 'Christ' and an ersatz dialectical 'Messiah.' Jesus is neither. Light is neither. Jesus (as) Light is quantum~Gn¤stic. Essene~ce of quanta, qua of quanta, is Light as Quality. Light permits one, if one can learn gnosis, to see pneumatically. Light Quanta belie dialectic, veritably!

Gn¤sticism is mostly an individual means of finding G¤d, so you may see how, were Irenæus alive and here today, he would be sending Knights Templar to burn all of Quantonics' opus, and burn Doug at a stake.

Gn¤sis is real, according Essene Jesus, folks.

Çatholicism is a (anti-Essene Jesus) fraud, borne of Irenæus' dialectical predilections and anti-choice 'canons.'

Nag Hammadi texts show us, and Elaine Pagels' shows us this is so, folks!

Those of you who wor(se)ship Irenæus' Jesus are actually wor(se)shiping an anti-Jesus!

Nag Hammadi texts show it is so, and çatholic 'clergy' have been trying to hide that and destroy those texts and all gnostics (e.g., Cathars, Hypatia, and Bruno, etc.) since Irenæus.

Tis so...

Revenge is near...

So are you still sure you want another çatholic on US' Supreme Court?

The 'catholic church' is SOM's Wall!

Doug~thinkq, n¤t the thingk!

Doug - 13Apr2007.

Doug wants to do something unusual, something unexpected, even by Doug...hereings...nowings.

Doug wants to nominate a Quantonics first! Quantonics' first designation of a celebrity journalist as "Quantum~Journalist:"

Jay Dedapper!

Doug watched and listened to Jay first time ever during first week of April, while a pundit asked Jay if he had coined a phrase. Jay responded that he would like to claim said coinage, but (paraphrased) "No, rather Jay senses that Jay and others are coining said phrase organically!"

Jay told us and showed us (Doug's interpretation of what Doug heard and saw) that Jay intuits a quantum~biononic (bio~coquecigrues) reality and its animate everywhere associative included~middlings, and an emergent~reality becoming ihn those quantum~Lightings.

To Doug, Jay's "organically" suggests, even begs, memeos of quantum~societal~hæræncæ.


Congratulations Jay Dedapper, Earth's first Quantum~Journalist.

Doug - 3Apr2007.

Do you want to become a $trillionnaire?

Here's how!

Be first to tap into and produce "free energy."

What does a laser do to quantons?

It coaxes them into quantum~coherence.


Ruby lasers induce coherence via 'reflective pumping' of photons.

What is sonoluminescence?

Doug's metaphor: omnispherical~quantum~proflective~pumping~omniffraction of isoconic quantum~vacuum~flux.

So how can we do it "laser~like?"

Design an is¤flux~phlasær~puhmp!

"What does an is¤flux~phlasær~puhmp do, Doug?"

It uses a steady~omni~phase "Doug's boson" to omnirectify-omniffract isoflux and pump its bosons into actuality.

It's that simple!

Yeah, quanton(bættær,w¤rsæ).

Exemplar? Sonoluminescence!

Use Doug's imagination for a kick-start:


A quantum~free~energy straddle!

So what did Doug just say? Assume isoflux omnicomtrarotates. It cancels self intrinsically. That's why we cann¤t sense it. Doug's approach 'di(omni)ffracts' said isoflux from n¤nactuality into actuality. Persistent maintenance of said process offers an unending, unlimited supply of 'free' energy. Isoflux is quantum's meme of unlimited energy, folks!

It'll fit in cars, appliances, computers, flash lights, 'light' bulbs, primary cells, tanks, satellites, drones, you name it!

N¤ kidding!

Dan, you can take this one, musically, to songs~management...

Doug - 4Apr2007.

PS - It isn't what you thingk-believe, iht's h¤w y¤u think~bælihævæ!

E.g., do n¤t limit yourself to sonic flux as phlasær excitation~puhmping~stihmulus: frequencies are extremely too low - Doug.

In an optical realm, you may wish to fathom microchannel plates as a metaphor...but much, much, thinner. As 'thinness' is made 'thinner,' frequency goes up. Now what is a quantum memeo of 'thinness?' Why did Eberlein require an argon bubble diameter of one micron or smaller? Do we need to use a 'bubble?' Recall Casimir?

Crucial: microchannel plates pump quanta: increase number of quanta. Tapping vacuum energy requires pumping phlux: increasing energy of quanta. Phlux may be quantized. What to do? Pump ihs¤phlux ihnt¤ phlux. How? Use a quantonic~remediated QCD! It's a quanton(n¤nactuality,actuality) straddle!

You'll become very rich and make all Earth's individuals' lives cleaner, greener and safer.

Beware! Government will attempt to confiscate this. Tell them to Foff!

Doug - 20Apr2007.

Listening to George Bu()sh()'s inane jabber is synaesthetically like listening to and smelling corn ferment. Bovine fodder for hylic ruminate thingking...

Doug - 3Apr2007.

Hume's 'Law' says, "...there is no bridge twixt value and fact."

Did anyone else believe that? Yes! Especially a majority of intellectual humans! Example?

"But, mind you, it's like this: while you live your life, you are in some way an Organic whole with all life. But once you start the mental life you pluck the apple. You've severed the connection between the apple and the tree: the organic connection. And if you've got nothing in your life but the [dialectical] mental life, then you yourself are a plucked apple. . .you've fallen off the tree. And then it is a [dialectically] logical necessity to be spiteful, [Heraclitus' "...dialectic is war..."] just as it's a natural necessity for a plucked apple to go bad [deVolve]." Dukes to Hammond, Clifford, Charlie, and Connie — 60% into Chapter 4 of D. H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterly's Lover. Browser search 'Organic' there.
Doug's brackets.

D. H. Lawrence captured essence of Pirsig's MoQ and essence of Renselle's Quantonics a hundred years ago!

Do you see, do you entendre, do you grasp, do you possum percipere, do you understand, do you standunder what Lawrence's protagonist Dukes is saying?

Relate what D. H. Lawrence wrote, to Jay Dedapper comments above. And recall Heisenberg,

"But through this process of idealization [intellectual Platonization] and precise definition the immediate connection with reality is [quantum~animate EIMA nexi are] lost."
Physics and Philosophy, 'The Revolution in Modern Science,'
Page 200 of 213 total pages (no index).
Doug's brackets - 14Apr2007.

Essene~ce: quantum~reality's animate, heterogeneous, everywhere~associative, included~middle.

How? Flux and fluxes' QLOs are spatially arbitrary, and quantumly n¤n classically-localable, -stoppable, and
they compenetrate and can sometimings coobsfect one another and ensembles of one another: quantum~holographically.

Doug - 1-28Apr2007.

Quantonics web site is always changing, emerging, evolving relentlessly.

However, if you do not have unrelenting access to WWW, and you want total access to Quantonics, you may want to mirror Quantonics on your own machine.

A freeware package will make this possible for you.

A good one is HTTrack. It will run on PCs and MACinTaos (e.g.,MacBook Pro with Intel processors).

See this page.

Countless people already mirror Quantonics using tools like HTTrack. You can too, but realize that you will miss ongoing updates.

Unsure whether HTTrack will sync updates...

A good reason to do this is that Quantonics may n¤t be here forever. Some day we may go away, vanish...heads up!

Some search engines cache some pages, but you may want a total mirror for your own personal use.

When you mirror Quantonics, you deprive us of your hits. It's a paycheck downer for us, but we prefer you read us more than hit us.

Doug - 16Apr2007.

After all of that, have a little gnosticesque yoga to help you come down.

Right Now!

Courtesy Debbie, our neighbor.

Beth thinks Doug's 29Apr2007 reading of Right Now partially contributed to his 30Apr2007 What is Quantum Reality? breakthrough.


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May, 2007 News:

On A G5 Quad's Hugely Increased Performance with Latest Security Update...

Our 23April2007 Access Log for one week of ISP serving of Quantonics' URL hits has about 32,000 lines in it. We do massive processing of that file: each line has nearly 1600 complex checks made on it. Recently, on relatively smaller access logs a G5 has been taking 3-4 minutes to do all those checks. Time used depends, of course, upon how many other tasks are running. Also our Activity Monitor usually shows most of one processor being used and rotating among four processors.

Anyway, today's access log is at least 10% larger than previous larger ones processed by a G5. It ran in less than half of 4 minutes: 1:50 minutes to be exact. And True Blue was running in background. Same file on a G4 Titanium takes about 10 minutes.

Too, our activity monitor showed all four G5 cpus running at about 60%!

Something radical happened with that latest update!

PageMill is now lightning fast with latest update! (We use PageMill and favor its light weight and simplicity. Too, it allows us to forgo CSS and absolute intra page placement of all text. Efficiency (size) of CSS is lost almost totally in scan and div absolutes. Of course we miss a lot of features... but we can hand HTML those if we really need them. Adobe should bring PageMill back and make only a few mod's. It is a great little package! Of course, that is only what Doug thinks. )

Just imagine what Leopard may do...and dual quads are now de jure.

Doug - 4-31Apr2007.


On Elgato's EyeTV Hybrid...

Doug and Beth have been thinking seriously about an AppleTV. For us, feature wise it just isn't 'ready' yet. We want to archive videos, possibly terabytes of videos. We want to automatically search them subjectively and render text summaries of those subjectivities. Audio to text necessary! We have requested that capability from Apple for our iPods. It isn't ready yet, and decent audio to text software (Dragon Systems) is only available on PCs.

Doug 'hates' PCs and BTW, 'political [in]correctness.' HotMemeN¤ 'correctness' fits all! HotMeme

Doug 'loves' MACs and all Apple. To Doug Apple folk are 'cool.' Apple's corporate per employee productivity markedly exceeds $1Million per year. You have to be genuinely productive and smart and capable to accomplish that! Compare M$. HotMeme™ What Apple is M$ isn't. HotMeme™ It's like Maureen McGovern vav Bobbie Streisand (a McGovern wannabe), Lexus vav Jeep, and individualism vav socialism.

Anyway as an interim, Doug suggested to Beth we try an EyeTV Hybrid. She agreed.

First blush, it is awesome. In our lab, Beth and Doug each have 20" 1650 x 1080 Samsung robotic-armed displays. Both are connected to a G5 Quad. We have been playing DVDs and watching them using that capability. Neat! We were watching TV on a regular but antiquated Sony receiver. No more. For us, TVs are goners. We can now watch TV (tuner, composite, S-video, and HDTV) on our MACs' displays! We can record whatever we are watching (requires huge disk capacities, however). We can blue-burn personal archives. Doug is backing up some old videos. Now they are online in our lab network! Amazing! EyeTV offers basic video editing and looping too. You may want a copy of VLC viewer too and Toast to assist.

If you enjoy putting together ensemble technologies and garnering benefits of countless threads of qua, EyeTV Hybrid is cheap and for Doug and Beth, beyond sufficient. Goodwill is gonna get all of our TVs, except for guest room which will soon inherit our original Titanium 15" 1GHz 1GRAM PowerG4 laptop. Who needs a TV when your MAC can do (with EyeTV software which comes with their Hybrid) most of what a set top box can do.

For you young folk this is 'not' so stupendous, but for Doug who is in his seventh decade and had his first B&W TV in 1952, this is simply stupendous! (Doug did nearly all his original software work in 1960s and early 1970s on cards and punched tape! One 'expensive' system back then had a magtape OS if you can imagine that! You probably won't believe this but General Mills actually designed and built a MTOS. Doug only knows of this via his work for NASA in early 1970s and a visit to a (then) NASA satellite ground station facility (now extremely secret and classified military-government) just outside Rosman, NC.)

One caveat. Doug worries about insecurities associated with TV and WWW running simultaneously. EyeTV depends on a couple of WWW capabilities which need simultaneity. Doug put a switch on our video which allows cable WWW 'or' cable TV, which disallows both together. It takes more effort to install EyeTV software like this, but you can do it. Alternatively, you can phone line access WWW during install and hang-up phone when you have stuff you need (it's a lot slower to do, though). Doug is unsure how to describe other forms of access, say, like ADSL, Satellite, Direct TV, etc. Some may be plausibly analogous phone-cable description. Others may be similar our cable net situation.

One more topic. Consider getting an EyeTV Hybrid for every MAC in your home. With earbuds all can watch what and when they want. Need physical cable access, though, 'or' (and) an antenna. Soon wireless nets will be fast enough to deal with this exquisitely.

As it stands now, we route our set top box S-video to EyeTV Hybrid. That allows us access to our cable provider's premium channels and their program schedule. We can record stuff (up to 40Gbytes) on our set top box too, and re record later to MAC HDs. Note that Tivo has a large capacity set top box which is pricey but neat. Unsure Tivo has access to your local cable net's premium channels though.

Doug - 28Apr2007.



Thank you for reading,

Doug - 1May2007.

See you here again in early June, 2007!



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