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TQS News Archive of Prior Years' News

This is our November, 2007 editorial

Our editorials are often provocative; if we offend you, do not read them - Doug.

These editorials are Doug's opinions, n¤t the opinions.

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Root cause of global warming isn't anthropogenic!

Anyone who says warming is wholly like GWBu()sh() saying root cause of his War with Iraq is WMD.


Observe that blaming "war as anthropogenic" would be correct. Our current War in Iraq finds its affectors: humans, neocan't Republican't humans. Their wars are notably "social patterns of classical dialectical either-or 'value.'" Their wars are John the Baptist,1 evangelical, fundamental, hate-filled Matthew 10:34, "I bring not peace, but a sword," wars. Doug is vigorously calling them, "Irenæun-Roman-Catholic crusading, inquisitional, anti-gnostic, anti-heretical, anti-individual-freedom, anti-choice, 'our way or the high-way,' wars." (Read Kathleen McGowen's, 2006, The Unexpected One. If you liked Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code and his Angels and Demons, you'll like The Unexpected One!)

1 (n¤t John~Mary, one of only two of Jesus' pneumatic disciples)

End aside.

It's all warmist-coolist, tragedy of commons unscientific sense, dialectical pro war-against-warming political FUD, folks, with intention of swaying y~our fears and obsessions. Do n¤t buy into their imperial-fascist bilge, whether lieberal or conservative. They are both liars, in spades. They want to make you and us afraid so that they can control what we think and believe!

Global warming is, in general, a partial cyclicity of nature, and it is massively ephemeral,2 n¤t specific root-causal anthropogenic, actuality!

Reality is stochastic. Reality is n¤t deterministic. Those two statements say simply: we can guess at likelihoods; however, we may (can) n¤t reliably predict a specific outcome borne of specific cause.

Anthropogenic warmists claim we can do latter. That is a blatant lie, just like Bu()sh() administration's unending lies about Iraq and Iran.

There isn't a digm's worth of omnifference twixt anthropogenic warmists' (warmsh()ists) and WMD Bu()sh()ists' lies about middle-east and 'global warming!'

Here's a test: If you can predict global warming, you can predict global cooling. When is global cooling going to start? That will tell us how much money and effort we need to put into 'stopping global warming.' It will also allow us to commence planning now for how we can 'stop global cooling.'

Most folk today do not recall US' 1920s and 1930s. We were having very similar 'conditions' then. Polar caps were melting. Extreme draught. Ever heard of US' "dust bowl?" And western fires were huger than what we have today! Etc., etc. Then in 1960s temperatures dropped significantly: that too, according today's inept political DIQheads, must have been 'anthropogenic.' But what did humans do to create that 'global cooling?' How did we 'fix it?' Could we? What is different about today? Extreme FUD as a political tool! Its how 'science' gets money to do big projects. It's how Bush takes US to a non War in Iraq!

'Exp[eu]rts then, during 1960s and 1970s, were saying we would have a global cooling catastrophe, and all DIQheads jumped on that dialectical and hylic bandwagon. Imagine politicos today, were they there, then. Al GaBore would have received a Nobel (Dumbel) prize for his crusades against global cooling! But GaBore invented internet. Given that notable yet inexplicable brilliance, he intuits that all 'science,' especially all weather science, "is final!" Sheer stupidity! Sheer ignorance! Sheer political FUD! Garbage! Error! Similar that malbrained weather-science-deducing idiot John McCain't.

See a larger problem here? We are, just like classicists, trying to disable nature when we thingk like that.

More testing...

If we can stop global warming we should be able to 'stop our War in Iraq.' Is it easier to stop our War in Iraq than it is to stop global warming? If we can't stop our War in Iraq why should we believe those of you who claim we can and should stop global warming?

Please realize, following our words above, "War in Iraq" IS anthropogenic! Global weather changes are predominately n¤t anthropogenic! Doug.

Hey Bill! We think some of your New Rules should include lieberals not being allowed to be as religiously and obsessively fascist funda-mental about warming as Bu()sh() is about war.

Another New Rule: never talk about warming without talking about cooling. Talk about H5W for both, n¤t either-or! Please do n¤t confuse human patterns of value with natural patterns of value. Human patterns of value are simply naïve and Earth chauvinistic compared to natural patterns of value!

Weather, of Mother Nature's kind, is even more 'diverse' than human culture. If culture is diverse, then beware Mother Nature's spectrum of weather: she is at least 'omni' verse. Humans, despite Warmists' inane jabber, though great at starting wars, are wholly inept at inducing Weather's Mass Destruction. Think about it. If humans could control weather, they would. Are warmists saying humans are unintentionally causing warming? Guess that proves we can unintentionally stop warming too. Oh! Got it! That's what they'll claim when cooling commences! BTW, what happened to all those hurricanes in 2007? Warmists, recall, were so certain about devastating hurricanes in 2007. Notice how they conveniently leap on Earth's latest apparent catastrophe as "caused by global warming." Do not trust these incompetents! Doug.

In a similar manner as how we must learn to live and work with nature, we must learn to live and work with our global neighbors. Talk is our first resort. Action is always a last resort.

War, be it against warming, be it against our global neighbors is a sin against nature and a sin against ourselves.

We are in nature and nature is in us. We are in each other and other is in each of us.

2 Ephemeral - And ephemera. Doug uses 'ephemera' to describe large systems whose environmental parameters are practically unlimited. Too, those parameters are genuine quantum flux, changing always and always changing uncertainly. To claim any one of these parameters is a classical, deterministic, certain 'root cause' is just stupid pseudoscience: n¤t even lay-intelligent.

Large, very large, affective ephemeral parameters for Earth's climate include: Sun's surface weather (huge list of ephemera), sun's core weather (huge list of ephemera), Earth's surface weather (huge list of ephemera), Earth's core weather (huge list of ephemera), Moon (huge list of ephemera), other planets in our solar system (huge list of ephemera), gamma radiation (huge list of ephemera), solar system's journey through our Milky-Way galaxy at over 180 miles per second (huge list of ephemera), and so on...

Doug - 27Oct2007.

I would make similar remarks to my black brothers as I would say to my Jewish, Chinese, Muslim, etc., brethren, "Be proud of your heritage!"

Whites have spent millennia, just as GWBu()sh() is doing now, trying to destroy via religious crusades, that which isn't white.

It's just as bogus in 2007 as it was in 0007.

I'm white, unfortunately. I am not proud of my heritage. I've been reading about it and studying it and it is ugly, very ugly. Bu()sh() is a white exemplar. An epitome of white hate and white fear: fear of that which isn't white!

I'd rather be black! I'd rather be a Jew. I admire blacks and I admire Jews who have stood up against all that white venom and vitiation.

Look at what we have running for Republican nomination as president: white evangelicals, white Mormons, and white pseudo 'catholics.' Garbage.

Look at what we have running on Democrat side: only two which really have a chance. A black man. A white role-playing big 50" butted wo-be-man.

Which is closer reality? Obama? HC?

It has become clear to me, and we're still a year away, that Obama is what we want representing USA's ensemble of individuals.

I can see it. I can sense it. I can feel it. I can grasp its betterness.

I hope you agree...

Then, on 28Oct2007, Beth via Judy shows Doug this:

N¤ choices left, folks!

If that's a fake, it's a good one. Notice shadows.

Notice Richardson's pledging to camera, not to flag!

(Doug could understand Obama's stance above if he declared himself a "quantum~candidate." In that case we would change USA to QCPA: Quantum~Coherent Phasementings of America. In that case North and South America and all their phasementings would be included! Doug - 28Oct2007.)

Doug believes Obama is saying that nationalism and blind patriotism, to which Bu()sh() and Chains adhere, is white hegemony! Recall Hitler: "...people make the state," and Mussolini: "...state makes the people...". Their way or the highway! We tend to agree, but...

Recall Geertz' queries (with some Doug enhancements), "What is nation? What is state? What is Federated Republic? Culture? Perimeter? Flag? Belief? One belief? Many beliefs?"

But in light of our dialectical heritage and Republican't Constitution, Hussein Obama appears to be sending a terrible and even purely Muslim message. That appears tangible and inarguable, now, to Doug. Sad, sad, sad,...

I really want to vote for Obama, but he keeps putting all these 'Obama knows what's right' roadblocks in front of US. How is that any omnifferent Bu()sh()? Bu()sh()'s patriotism has been sullied (technically and legally he is a traitor), especially what he did outing Valerie Plame. Too his phony war. Too his endless lies. Too his advocacy of torture. Too his use of Blackwater. Too, his outright theft of our individual privacy rights. His attempts to cover up his huge political mistakes. Makes Doug wish for France when nobility were guillotined. In Doug's opine, phony noble pretenders Bush, Cheney, Rice, et al., deserve that for acts of incompetence and treason against our USA!

But look at those people above...and Barack is likely libs best choice (least phony) of all...

As long as Muslims refuse to decry their own terrorism, they ARE least that is how Doug sees it. Dialectically, absence of denial is concord, however passive.

But those retards in Bu()sh()'s disadministration are terrorists too! "Pots" and "Black" tautologous name-calling in a vicious dialectical loop...

Remember how few of us could see Bush's phoniness prior 2000? Haven't we gotten any better in developing our 'phony' detectors?

HC is clearly phony! Richardson too.

Doug can intuit some reasons to elect HC. We need a precedent of a woman in our white house. Who would Doug choose as that woman? Doug has many sheroes, but some are Chinese. Some are Jews. Martha Stewart is a favored Doug shero, but Bush, "ruins everything he touches," turned her into a felon. Oprah comes close, almost ideal. Norah O'Donnell is so bright and apparently talented in so many ways. Doug really likes NYT's (now, I think, with Washington Post?) Anne Kornblut. There are many others, including Doug's greatest shero: Beth! Beth could straighten US out in one term or she would resign. Fresh air! She's calm. She's cool. She gives and expects respect! She can lead and manage better than anyone else Doug has worked with.

Time has come for quantum politics and full metal denigration of current libs-cons machine-dominated dialectical politics and propaganda. Arise grass roots! Awaken from your long slumber grass roots!

State-us quo is n¤ longer the way to go grass roots! Take back your guns. Take back your rights. Do not allow hegemons to turn individual rights into social privileges! 'Social privilege' is a social declaration of 'social sovereignty.' Rovereignty! Mitigate and disable those who steal your individual freedoms in favor of society as your sovereign.

No society can or will ever long be sovereign of any individual! Read J. S. Mill!

As they adhere in New Hampshire, "Live free, or die," protecting y~our individual rights!

That is just what gnostics did, especially millions of Cathars, when catholics murdered them during 12-14th centuries!

Catholic rope a dope pope ordered murder of Cathars! His soldiers complained that catholics and Cathars were friends and mixed among one another. Pope said, "Kill them all, Cathars, catholics, men, women, and children. Let 'God' sort them out."

Doug - 19,28Oct2007.

Ask any physicist today: "Is perpetual motion real?" Fewer than one percent will answer "Yes!"

Ask Doug, "Is perpetual motion real?" Doug will answer with profoundest comviction: "Yes?"

"What is a great exemplar of perpetual motion?" Reality.

"No, no, no, say something specific!" OK, a rock, a golf ball, you, etc. Even better a pendulum!


Your entire body is an ensemble of pendula: fermions. How do you think you maintain your balance? How do you think you can dance and jump and swing and maintain such motional harmony with nature? You, in a most real sense, are pendula.

And that rock, that golf ball... how do you think they, when hit or thrown, always follow a quantum~wave~ephemeral c¤nic section of least time, least energy, and least distance? They, in a most real sense, are pendula.

Pendula monitor reality's perpetual motion.

Rocks could n¤t tentatively 'persist' were perpetual motion classically "absent."

All fermions are perpetual pendula.

"How can fermions be perpetual pendula?"

Like that !

Atomically, they 'wobble' adiabatically.

Fermionic system ensembles 'wobble' posentropically.

Some wobbling fermionic system ensembles have only a single posentropic slope: positive.

Some wobbling fermionic system ensembles have two posentropy gradients: positive (dissipation AKA dying, self euthanasia, apoptosis, etc.) and negative (production AKA emergent~living, rebirth, emergence, resurrection, etc.). See Prigogine and Stengers' Order Out of Chaos.

And this !

Schrödinger drew a hydrogen atom like this:

Hydrogen atoms, like all atoms, are perpetual flux. Hydrogen atoms educt a reality of perpetual motion.

Physics c. 2007 educates a reality of perpetual stability.

Classical physics is bogus!

Perpetual motion is real...

Let's make a list:

atoms are mostly fermionic,
electrons are fermionic,
atoms' nuclei are mostly fermionic,
fermions are quantum flux,
individual fermions as atoms and nuclei of atoms are perpetually lived,
individual electrons (fermions) are perpetually lived,
ensembles of atoms as fermionic systems may be assembled and disassembled and thus ensembles are n¤t perpetually lived,
individual bosons (i.e., photons) left undisturbed are perpetually lived,
photons when they are disturbed acausally self~euthanize via electron leaps and acausally resurrect via electron dives (this is essence, quintessence of quantum issues of scintillation...Doug - 27Oct2007),
individual fermionic spin issi perpetually pendular, AKA spin 1/2, (to directly experience this looking at a n¤n perpetual ensemble (quarter may be melted down and remerqed; it wears with use, etc.)),

See YouTube version too!

spin 1/2 means (360°)/((360°)+(360°)) ... see double loop graphic above,
ensemble fermionic spin (a quarter, rocks, people, etc.) is posentropic (with productive and dissipative gradients; for latter, see quarter-spin link just above) and thus n¤n adiabatic and n¤n perpetual,
spin 1/2 is two flux half~wavelength 'cycles' (co)inside of (modulating) one full~wavelength flux cycle as depicted graphically above,
spin 1/2 Möbius~wobbles, and as Richard Feynman so eloquently described: "...wobble creates space;" Doug would add, "space is a symptom of flux,"
space as a symptom of flux (in a similar sense as acceleration is a symptom of gravity which itself is a symptom of flux...) then is an emergent perpetual phasement of fermionic 1/2 spin wobble,
this list is just fledge it requires almost an encyclopedia, but we offer you essences of fermions, their individuate perpetuities and their ensemble~assemblies' ontological assembly~disassembly cycles, we will probably turn this section into a separate web page and evolve it there, ...

Quantonics HotMeme All quantum phenomena are symptoms of flux.™ Quantonics HotMeme.

"How can fermionic flux be perpetual?"

Quantum flux above some TBD frequency is adiabatic: Lossless. AKA zero entropic. See Sears and Zemansky's University Physics, 19-5 'Adiabatic processes,' p. 416, "The flow of heat is a fairly slow process, so that any process performed quickly enough will be practically adiabatic." Beware! this same text is wholly classical: an antique of sillygistic formalisms. Purdue was using this text in 1960. It's a little like using Franz Boas' anthropological sillygisms to teach objective anthropology around that time. Boas objectified anthropological assessment and called it 'modern.' Anthropology, like psychology isn't objective though, is it?! Reality isn't objective, though, is it?!

Quantonics HotMeme All anthropological phenomena are symptoms of flux!™ Quantonics HotMeme

Quantonics HotMeme All psychological phenomena are symptoms of flux!™ Quantonics HotMeme

Fathom Hoffmann's, "We cannot measure flux at a point." We cann¤t scalarbate flux! We cann¤t reify, objectify, formalize, mechanize, n¤r analyze flux!

A rock left alone will perpetuate its rockness indefinitely.

"But we can crush rocks!"

Yeah, well, we can crush, GWBushesquely, humans too, but somehow that doesn't jibe crushability of rocks. Why is it moral to crush rocks, and ostensibly immoral to crush humans? Ask Bu()sh(). He's "The decider."

Yes, but we cann¤t crush fermionic flux without transmuting it into some other perpetuity or some other intermediate which will ultimately return to nature's intrinsic absolute fermionic~bosonic~isonic flux perpetuity.

Doug - 10Oct2007.

James Watson (UK codiscoverer of DNA's double helix; allegedly Watson and Crick actually stole this from a woman researcher's x-ray pixes of nucleic acids..."James Watson is a thief and a liar! He denigrated Rosalind Franklin to justify the theft and plagiarism of her work.") claims that Africans are not as intelligent as whites.

Is that based on IQ?

If so, it's bogus!

IQ is a classically stopped, "zero momentum, in white-speak," numeric measure, a scalarbation, of formal, material and objective knowledge. Of course, that is 'continental' intellectual garbage!

Hylics and psychics have brain dead knowledge: stuck knowledge.

Africans are pneumatic: they have living complementarity with a more spiritual reality.

IQ as a measure, since it's a white man's state ic 'measure,' scalarbation, is already extinct. Reality isn't 'state' ic! Reality is dynamic. IQ measures 'state.' Africans are pneumatic: dynamic!

Personally, Doug is losing all respect for celebrity academics and politicos. Their mind sets are already dead and they just do n¤t realize that yet.

Those of you into gnosis will be glad to hear that Valentinus (a Johannine Gnostic), whom Irenæus viciously vitiated, was African. Bravo!

Quantum reality is flux, folks! Music! Compare black bands and white bands... Compare NOLA music with Chicago and NY. Quantum vis-à-vis Victorian!

Whites cannot even get their own religion and science right, so they want to denigrate (e.g., Çatholiçs killed at least a million gnostic Cathars ... Romans killed gnostic Jesus ...German White Aryan Nazis killed millions of Jews ...) those who do...

See our gnostic topos table from our ongoing review of Elaine Pagels' Johannine Gospel in Gnostic Exegesis.

Doug - 16Oct2007.

Did you see that Nova special on epigenesis? Truly fabulous!

This is a huge quantum tell folks!

It says there is a kind of isogenome in which all of us are immersed which has a multigenerational interrelationship with reality's quantum hologram. It says that what we do now AFFECTS future generations, apparently, n¤n DNA genomically.

It is a kind of epi genome which isn't evident in our DNA and chromosomes.

For Doug this is astounding and it is another affirmation of Doug's work in Quantonics.

You may recall this graphic which Doug created during 2006-2007:

View and assess that large red ensemble QLO as an epigene of reality!

Doug - 16Oct2007.

Our graphic shows by inspection that past is in future and now is in future and future pulls now and past via anticipation and expectation.

We can easily view our DNA as music, as evolving quantum thoughts.

See peaqlo.

Doug - 16Oct2007.

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On A Super Weapon against Earth, On Apple's OS X Leopard, Pirsig vis-à-vis Dewey and Hume "...embraces radical scepticism..." ?

November, 2007 News:

On ...A novel super weapon against earth...

Have you seen recent articles describing how to amplify a one kilowatt laser beam?

Some folk are describing five to six orders of magnitude increase in a laser's power. So, hypothetically, a 1kw laser becomes a 500 megawatt laser.


Laser's output is shined through a gas plasma!

What is Sun's surface weather, mostly? A gas plasma. How strong is Sun's gas plasma? At least millions of times greater than what we can produce on earth.

So what is this novel weapon?

We use a USLV to travel to Sun. We position it, dynamically, so that a 500 megawatt laser beam will travel through Sun's plasma and become directed toward earth!

That isn't trivial to do, but it is very plausible! Too, it can be done for a lot less than Iraq War's 1-2$Trillion.

Two issues are beam focus and attenuation, since it seems unlikely we would want to fry all of earth, just, say, parts of middle east. An unmitigable advantage is indefensibility of this weapon. No other weapon would-could be indefensible from any Earth local perspective.

Another option would be to lase neutrons or perhaps neutrinos. Doug has no idea whether that is feasible.

How could we practice?

We could try wiping out Venus' atmosphere with a purpose of cooling Venus for later terraforming operations and human population of it.

Assume we could generate a laser beam which is multiple zettawatts (n x 1021 watts...). Assume we could maintain it indefinitely. How long would it take to burn off Venus' atmosphere? Doug's swag is a few days to no longer than a month, and perhaps even quicker. Said beam must travel about 75 million miles to Venus.

What is good about this is we have a novel tool for 'planet cooling.' What's worse about this is that Earth's surface probably could be wiped 'clean' in a matter of weeks. At least one-plus hemisphere could be wiped clean. Stuff near Antarctica might survive due current locus of Earth's axial 26 thousand year precession period.

On ...Apple's New OS X Leopard...

We just ordered our multi license DVD from Apple! Can't wait!

Did you see Apple's movie on OS X Leopard? It's available on

Our ISP's download speeds have been improving. We were able to download that movie in about seven minutes at over 800kbytes per second! Not as good as Cable Vision in NYC, but still on a comparative basis, acceptable. Beth has a buddy in East Hampton, NY. Some things like food and wine are simply, just better, there. But a half-million dollar house where we live would bring, on say 2.5 acres, tens of millions of dollars. Really! Her friend owns several of these!!! Awesome lady! Indeed.

Doug's latest Mac Book Pro has Tiger based in an Intel Core Duo architecture running at 2.66 GHz. Doug loves this model of Apple's laptops. But guess what? It cannot run CodeTek's Virtual Desktop. Doug had wondered why CodeTek hadn't offered an update. Well, Leopard has Spaces! It does CodeTek's VD better!


That remark is premature. We installed Leopard on a MBPC2D and have been using it for several days. Doug's C2D has a 17" screen and it has a 30" Apple Cinema HD display too.

Spaces allows immediate access and management of up to 16 virtual displays. But its windows do not show what application is running in each VDisp.

At this juncture, we must say that CodeTek's Virtual Display app. is better than Spaces.

Still, Doug would rather have Spaces than no CodeTek, and CodeTek won't run on Apple's Intel machines.

Anybody have a G5 emulator which runs on Intel?

We know this is Apple's first cut at Spaces. We know it will evolve into a much better product. So we look forward to enhancements.

End aside.

That's not all. IChat has a real time project sharing capability with full video-audio conferencing! Awesome!

Leopard's clean architecture makes Windoze look like a model-T. M$ really sucks when it comes to making novel stuff. They are good at copying and following, but they are lousy at original thought. Doug's opinion.

Leopard's dock has been enhanced fabulously. See their movie. You're gonna want a Mac so badly it will hurt good.™

Doug uses Terminal as much as he uses Aqua, so he is tickled to find a preliminary browser-like layer in Terminal. (This isn't covered in d' Movie.) Doug is hoping for more efforts in this regard, since Terminal is just too Good for Newbies in Unix to be denied. Doug would love to see Terminal offer object~oriented help for coding regular expressions and command lines (Doug can do it, but often he has to go to man or to O'Reilly's Unix in a Nutshell.) What Doug envisions has already been attempted by many. But Apple demonstrates their qua at clean and productive APIs. Why not do that for Unix too? Especially RegExs and command lines...a kind of Unix Automator!!! Wouldn't it be cool to be able to do aliases, batch files, unix scripts etc., at an API level in a browser and be able to embed them anywhere in any app? F-Script does something like this, but it is just too Geeky to be of use to smart lay folk. For Doug this would just be incredible. To be able to develop Unix software and have Apple make it clean enough to embed anywhere. (N¤, n¤, n¤, we're n¤t asking you to bend pun...:) Embedding in GNU licensed software would simply explode OSS development! Doug could embed his QELR editing in a popular OSS editor and all of you could use it.

Apple's Time Machine is incredible! Imagine hourly backups. Doug's question: "Are backups bootable?" You need an external hard drive to have Time Machine work. See movie. Hard drives are becoming really cheap now so it shouldn't be a problem, except for sloppy power and data cables, etc.

Watch that movie. Notice how John is using an iMAC. If you are unfamiliar with iMAC it is most bang for your Apple buck. An iMAC is fully integrated except for keyboard and mouse. You may choose wireless versions of those, and your iMAC then will only have power and internet connections.

Apple now has about 6.3% of USA PC market and it is growing explosively. Doug has worked in both Apple and Win$Tel architectures. Apple is easier to use and more productive and more cost effective, hands down. Apple's systems from a lay person's view, are less 'security sensitive.' They are apparently more secure since their market share is smaller. But Unix' original design is more secure than anything M$ has accomplished. In Doug's opinion, Apple's new Leopard OS X will increase his qua at least 10% and Doug will have fun in his countless processings of using it.

Doug eagerly anticipates two future Apple developments: quantum~computing (later), and integrated real time voice to text recognition (sooner).

Doug also wishes for a WYSIWYG web page editor which can allow Doug's embedding above. Most web page editors literally die when Doug tries to use them to do Quantonics' pages. It's really em-bare-assing for Doug and those developers to see what our site's HTML does to their products. Doug could probably change our whole site to fit their app's., but why? Most of them simply do not manage RTF, special characters, etc., consistently and well. Doug uses lots of non standard (at least to those developers) HTML encodings. They appear to have trouble with ¤ and æ as an example. Doug expects to see a quantized 'o' like this ¤. In Apple that is a shift~option~2. Also, Doug needs to put custom sequences in his code so that his automated editors know what to edit. In Unix HTML it looks like this:

/<\!--qtmctxbgn-->/,/<\!--qtmctxstp-->/s/\([ >~\'-\(]*[Tt]\)ransform\([<\'-):,.;?~\!]*\)\([ ]*\)/\1rans\&aelig;m\&aelig;rq\2\3/g

You may recognize that as a pattern-addressing substitution in sed which begins substituting when it finds qtmctxbgn (quantum comtext begin) and stops substituting when it finds qtmctxstp (quantum comtext stop). In this particular case we are QELRing [Tt]ransform into [Tt]ransæmærq.

(Do not underestimate subtle complexities attending that string... Lots of other work involved just to get Unix to support it, HTML compatibly, at a tcsh command level. Doug - 21Oct2007.)

In any HTML file Doug puts those HTML special sequences, e.g. <!--qtmctxbgn--> and <!--qtmctxstp--> around text which must be QELRed.

Most web page editors cannot handle this for some reason. One problem is that they ignore it. But Doug needs to see some icons in place of those Standard HTML strings (which are usually hidden) at a text edit level so he knows which text is marked and which text isn't marked for remediation.

Too, Doug has lots of con(m)texts (10s of thousands) to mark in omniffering ways depending on countless varieties of QELR. So icons should be unique to standard string and should be selectable. Doug could do this if an editor would allow embedding and if we could have access to editor source code.

That's just one example of many, which Doug feels could be ameliorated and shared so that others could benefit immensely.

Probably too much to ask since society wants all of us to follow their OSFA standard of mediocrity: a tragedy of commons sense.

All in all, Leopard has over 300 novel features. Small and medium sized businesses are going to want all of them. System providers and system maintainers better get your heads up. Non Apple systems are in decline. Apple systems are in a major ascension. Work faster, work well, work Apple.™ How's that for another goodie, Steve?

Quantonics HotMeme Apple is waving bricks from SOM's PC wall...™Quantonics HotMeme™. Doug Renselle, Ihn Quantonics.

Doug wants to share some comments re: our first install of Leopard:

It is slower than prior installs. Part of that is Apple's current approach to managing uncertainty. They ask you if you want to do a consistency check which checks system DVD's quality and its compatibility with your system. Recall bad old days with M$ going through an entire install only to find out for some reason it won't! Apple is showing high Quality savvy here with that consistency check. Be sure to do it if you are not sure. After first time, you probably can do other installs without it. Most of you image anyway, right? Doug is tickled to see a major corporation, whose capital value exceeds IBM now, practicing waveMBU™.

Sadly our Activity Monitor no longer works. As a result Doug will not install Leopard on our other systems, yet...until they fix that. Doug depends heavily on that app. to manage network and systems utilization. Doug has run into several other quirks and will not report them until he sees if they are just beta level residuals.

JollysFast vnc running in a Spaces window now does not go through a host sleep cycle without hanging. Have to force quit and restart JollysFast, which delightfully is fast and easy, but unnecessary.

Several other annoyances have arisen which were otherwise fine under Tiger.

Overall, Leopard is better, but you might want to wait a tad till it's ironed out. This is Doug's first leap into muddy waters of a major upgrade release. One advantage is learning incrementally.

Every time we (seldom) work on M$ now we can't wait to get back to Apple.

Doug, personally, buys and sells Apple stock routinely. This is not a recommendation. Doug is not a broker, nor is he qualified to recommend purchases, to recommend sales of any stocks.

Doug just LOVES Apple products!

Thank you for reading,

Doug - 1Nov2007.


See you here again in early December, 2007!



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